Want To Know How Respected Your Employees Feel?

People will work harder for you if they feel the work they do is valued and they feel respected. To do this you need to make sure employees feel you truly listen to them. High-level leaders work to serve their team by clearing pathways so they can do great work. Check how good of a listener [...]

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Want To Know A Key Reason That Mergers And Acquisitions Often Fail?

And it is not what you think. I have watched over a dozen companies involved in mergers or acquisitions and the majority do not succeed in the vision they had when they joined. So why is that? It is not that they didn’t do their financial due diligence. That I see happen time and again. The [...]

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Want Tough Feedback Received Well?

The reason most people hate tough feedback is they feel demolished by it. It is like they visualize you sitting in a room and judging them as inadequate. So, the usual “sandwich” approach doesn’t work. The recipient is skeptical and doubts what you said. Instead of focusing on what you need to say, focus your energy [...]

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Would You Like To Make 2021 More Predictable?

What if I told you, you could really make 2021 your luckiest year ever? I know it seems hokey, doesn’t it? But luck is created, it is not the random change you think. Just check out the book The Luck Factor. I know I completed the book and then decided to change my luck in regards [...]

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Do You Know Why You Do What You Do?

I know it sounds silly. I mean, we ought to know exactly why we do what we do, however, I find that most people don’t know the underlying belief that is driving them to behave and think the way they do. For example-we have worked with... A VP that was about to get fired after 25 [...]

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Want To Jumpstart Next Year?

30 years ago my husband and I started writing a yearly Christmas letter to each other that was filled with our memories from that year, our successes we are proud of, and our commitments of what we will accomplish the next year. Then, we buy a nice bottle of champagne, light a candle, and read this [...]

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What Is The Number One Thing You Should Do The Day After Thanksgiving?

A day of rest is something I find most leaders neglect to do. Matter-of-fact, in my own company we have all been working hard to bring all of our Outcome Thinking® Programs online for customers so they can effortlessly train their teams all over the world. I was recently trying to make one more change and [...]

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What Means More Than Cash To An Employee..

When we typically think of rewarding an employee we go to a bonus or cash offer.  Although those are great they are not the motivator you think.  Matter-of-fact, on a recent listing of makes an employee, feel rewarded money came in at number 9. So, what motivates them- a personal heartfelt acknowledgment of the value they [...]

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You Were Made To Be Great.  Are You Living In That Greatness?

Why not start operating like you ARE at that next level rather than wait to be promoted TO the next level. We find that when we teach leaders how to think, speak, and execute like they are a C Level Executive within the first year they become promoted. Why? Because, well the answer we get from [...]

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