Body Language

What does your body say when your mouth stops talking?  So much of your message is actually interpreted through body language, and voice intonation.  Do you know what message you are sending?  This article will help you understand the nuances of body language. In our Platinum Leadership Program, we spend time showing you what signs [...]

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Want To Remove Judgement?

It is easy to judge as your brain likes to believe “your way” is the right way. So, you and your experiences become the measuring stick for interpreting other people’s actions. The scary thing is this can easily let you slide into being righteous and stereotyping. So, before you respond to a situation ask yourself: [...]

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Number Four- Know Your Optimum Brain State

My prime time is in the morning- before I have prioritized my day. During that time I have 3 rituals- 1. Do yoga to soften the muscles and steady my breathing. Even just 15 minutes can make a difference. 2. Read something spiritual or mentally uplifting. One of my favorites right now is Happy Pocketful [...]

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When Speaking To The C Suite, What Is The Best Way To Convey Confidence?

Even though you spend 90% of your time trying to frame the message you are going to say, intuitively the C Suite is reading your body language to decide whether to say yes or no to you. Some things that convey strength are- Relaxed squared shoulders. Not rounded down or slouching and not rigid like [...]

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How To Know If Someone You Are Speaking To Is Interested In What You Are Saying?

I find this one sign is often overlooked by people, yet it will tell you right away if they are in or out. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have been in where either the executive or the buyer gave this sign and the person presenting just kept going. The reason you miss the [...]

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Want To Know How Respected Your Employees Feel?

People will work harder for you if they feel the work they do is valued and they feel respected. To do this you need to make sure employees feel you truly listen to them. High-level leaders work to serve their team by clearing pathways so they can do great work. Check how good of a listener [...]

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Want To Know A Key Reason That Mergers And Acquisitions Often Fail?

And it is not what you think. I have watched over a dozen companies involved in mergers or acquisitions and the majority do not succeed in the vision they had when they joined. So why is that? It is not that they didn’t do their financial due diligence. That I see happen time and again. The [...]

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