Negotiation Team Strategy.

I must be straightforward and tell you I don’t even like the word “negotiate” because it lands in the brain negatively.  Matter-of-fact, we teach out-to ProGOtiate to help you build a mindset that brings the best out on both sides even in adversarial situations.  What I do like in this article is the bridge concept.  [...]

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The Importance Of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork (as proven by science) 10 benefits of teamwork I encourage you to read this article work-life by @Atlassian to find out ways you can grow yourself as an individual while working in a team. Now more than ever teamwork is what we need to be successful – and these scientific studies [...]

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How To Be A Better Manager When Your Team Members Are All Different

You know that saying “you can’t please everyone?”  Well sometimes, as a leader, do you feel like you can’t please anyone?  That’s because each person on your team is unique and different.  One size does not fit all and you can’t delegate, connect, or lead in just one format.  You need to develop a thinking pattern that [...]

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A Team Is Not A Group Of People That Work Together. A Team Is A Group Of People That Trust Each Other.

How much trust does your team have?  Would you go the extra mile for each other or would you just do your job description?  As the leader, your team will take their tone from you.  Ask them today what you do that demonstrates to them you have their back and what you do that [...]

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Want To Help Your Team Execute Faster?

If you want a team to be more independent with making decisions and to increase the speed of execution, you need to give them flexible guideposts they can use that help them do that. I often find leaders confuse sharing a path with sharing a vision. The path usually has more concrete “how” steps to it [...]

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