Executive Coaching

Executive coaching for leaders that creates sustainable long-term results.

If you are looking to be more strategic, to say the right thing at the right time, present with conviction both up and down the ladder, and be more influential, then executive coaching is right for you.

No matter how successful you are right now, executive coaching can help you quickly move into that next promotion by showing you how to think at that next level now. It is not about being “groom-able” once you are in that next position but demonstrating now that you are already thinking and performing at that next level.

Who do we work with?

We work with high-level executives and high potential leaders who are looking to be more influential when they speak and interact with others.

Why us?

While others focus on the mechanics of what you need to change, we help you naturally manifest the changes by understanding what is happening in your brain to naturally block you from executing at your highest level.

You will learn what from your past and present is tripping you up, how to move beyond it, and how to develop the kind of thinking you need in order to perform at a higher executive level. We will show you how to apply Outcome Thinking® in order to be better at critical thinking, more strategic when speaking, and more productive so you save time.

On average, our coaching clients save 25% of their time!

Which coaching package is best for you depends on what challenges you are facing and what you are trying to change.

Set up your Strategy Call to share what you want to change and learn how we can help you do that.

Our clients love our executive coaching.

IMP’s coaching is helping our leaders to perform at their highest strategic level. Instead of a classic accountability coaching program this one is about helping leaders develop their mind so they can strategically interact in their world with peers, employees and clients at an executive level. It is all about building their executive presence. We utilize IMP over and over frankly because we see consistent results.