Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program – Leadership Development

We create leaders that think, speak, & execute like C-Suite Executives.

As a result, they are more collaborative and creative with higher employee engagement.

Imagine the strategic decisions that could be made with proper virtual leadership training, the execution that could happen, and the freedom your Executive Team would have to focus on new opportunities if the people below them thought and executed as strategically as your executive team does.

When leaders don’t operate at a high strategic level, there is employee burnout, wasted productivity, and lost revenue. You are also limited in your growth.

That is where we step in.  We help leaders learn to:

  • Make faster, better decisions
  • Do their work in 30% less time
  • Be more collaborative with other leaders in your company
  • Hold employees accountable to your corporate values & principles
  • Raise employee productivity and engagement

Our clients love our leadership training program because of their results.

Discover how the Outcome Leadership Platinum Program has helped companies increase their employee engagement scores by over 35-50%

We use your engagement survey to test our results to measure how your leaders have changed, how the people see your company, their leader, and their own role in the company after taking our virtual leadership training.

Here is an example of our movement on a client pulse survey:

Before IMP’s Leadership Development Training

Engagement 69%
Providing Info 76%
Loyalty 66%
Respect 37%
Teamwork 56%
Accountability 38%
Feel Valued 46%
Recognition 48%
Feedback 49%

After IMP’s Leadership Development Training

Engagement 95%
Providing Info 98%
Loyalty 95%
Respect 84%
Teamwork 93%
Accountability 75%
Feel Valued 86%
Recognition 82%
Feedback 84%

We are also proud to rank 9.8/10 overall when measuring how much leadership teams love the program.

How does it work? Our differentiating set of three learning components.

Our Platinum Program takes your leaders through an journey that has 3 critical components:

Leaders are not born; they are made.  It is learning how to utilize their mind to work more effectively, which is critical to your company’s success.  You can’t become a great and sustainable company without having a great leadership team that equally shoulders the work. Employee engagement starts with your leaders.

They do this by learning how to think differently so they can act differently and respond differently to events in real time, usually by partaking in a program like this leadership development training.  Whether it be a strategic message they need to give, a problem or mission they need to solve, or a conflict/negotiation they need to navigate, they need to be able to fluently move through it while being congruent to your corporate values and culture.

Today, 83% of all leadership initiatives fail due to misalignment at the leadership level. 41% of all leader’s time is spent on low-level tasks that are not strategic. Only 11% of all leaders know how to “teach” others under them how to be good strategic and critical thinkers because they don’t know “how” they do what they do.  We do.

The Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program brings you through multiple levels after setting the foundation of the Outcome Thinking® Methodology in Level 1. This is where leaders start their journey of learning how to think strategically, speak eloquently, and execute flawlessly across the organization so they are collaborative and creative. We work with the complex fields of Healthcare, Finance, and Technology, where there are complicated data and players that your leaders need to navigate.

We don't just believe in our program, we stand behind it 100%.

Get an idea of what you'll learn:

No Sweat Tough Talks

Authenticity, Authority and Credibility. These are three words you want all leaders to stand for each time they open their mouth. This session shows your team how to shatter traditional views of presenting and communicating so they can create a transformational mindset that changes the way they think, listen and speak. This virtual leadership training course is the foundation for your team’s development.

You will be able to:

  • Build a strategic message that aligns at a high executive level

  • Exude Executive Presence that is confident and authentic

  • Be able to influence the decision-making in a room

Outcome Leadership

The faster your company grows the wider we find the chasm is between the Critical Thinking of those at the top and the next layer of leadership.  This course is designed to close that gap by showing people how to apply Outcome Thinking® in order to be more critical in their thinking and less tactical. In this session, you see how to utilize Strategic Mindsets & Articulate them in Real-Time. This workshop shows how to involve and coordinate your team at all levels, so that big ideas aren’t just created – they’re also fulfilled.

You will be able to:

  • Create solutions that get to the root of a problem, not the symptom

  • Build strong trust and accountability on teams

  • Critically think through challenges whether you have experience in that area or not

Think Tank: Diving Deeper

This is your time to have us take key issues, challenges, and situations that are unique to your company and your industry.  We will show your team how to fine-tune their Outcome Thinking® Skills to get positive results.

This is a great time to take any high stress or high anxiety situations and apply Outcome Thinking® to them. “A panicked mind stops processing new information, reverts to tried-and-true response, and is prone to snap decisions that make things worse. “ The Think Tank is designed to alleviate that.

Clients have used these to dive deeper into conflicts, negotiations, and strategic planning, to name a few.

Conflict Harmonizer™

Differing views and opinions are what make an organization rich but, not handled properly, they can lead to a company’s demise. This session shows your leaders how to get rid of traditional “I think and I feel” discussions that tend to circle around behavior changes needed and instead shows them how to have gutsy dialogue about the elephant in the room without making people defensive. They will learn how to be proactive and get to the root of a problem rather than dance around the symptoms.

You will be able to:

  • Uncover the real obstacle to a person’s change and put a concrete action plan for change

  • Talk about highly sensitive topics without any defensiveness on either side

  • Get people to “own” the solution rather than making you’re the scapegoat


“Traditional” negotiation programs usually rely on wordplay and mental tricks. But as fun as these methods are in the conference room, they can be disaster in real life. Learn the real factors that shape a successful negotiation – psychology, mindset, and positioning – and show your employees how to use Outcome Thinking® to arrive at outcomes that work for everybody. Here you will learn how to eliminate 70% of what comes to the negotiation table.

You will be able to:

  • Get all the information out so the best deal can be created

  • Set the conversation to remain non-defensive and high in accountability & trust

  • Read what the others are thinking but not saying

  • Build strong partnerships through the negotiations

Innovative Collaboration

In order to truly be collaborative and innovative your team needs to stretch beyond what they do today to work together on what is possible, not what is probable.

When you are in a massive, fast-paced growth environment ironically enough one of the first things to go is the ability to be innovative, collaborative and strategic as a team.  Leaders can become so focused on the here and now that they don’t take time to be more strategic rather than tactical.

Your team will learn to get rid of barriers, work toward the best solution, and join resources to drive results.

Mastering the Message: Executing at Top Speed

In order to run at top speed you need to think at top speed.  Now that you have Outcome Thinking® under your belt, this course goes beyond to look at MAXIMIZING that impact.  It is about locking in, honing, and tweaking so you can think faster on your feet in a way that is consistent for others.

The first level was designed to get you thinking about how to shift your beliefs about communication so you could become transformational and less transactional. This helped you see what information to put in and why to put it in so it made sense to your audience. The Outcome Focus® Approach to Managing Your Message is like learning to be a good cook.  This level is like becoming a master chef.

Mastering the Message is all about taking out the fine tools and sharpening up what you say, how you say it, and how you write it so you get maximum impact. This session is all about eloquence and refinement while maintaining your character, integrity and personal style.

“We have never been in a more fast paced environment then we are today and yet, as a leadership team, I have never seen us more strategic. We have found that the Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program helps our leaders better challenge, communicate and strategize so we solve problems faster, collaborate more and more vulnerable with each other. Our leaders say they feel more balanced, strategic and have more strategic time.”

Julie Maeyaert, VP of HR, Jostens