Master Strategic Thinking Skills In 5 Simple Steps.

If you want help in making decisions, all you need to do is lean into your values.  Values are felt more than spoken.  When a company has really strong values that are emulated at the top, I find a culture that is high in respect, trust, and accountability.  Why? Because the leaders hold themselves to a high standard and they expect others to follow suit.    Once that is happening it becomes easier to take sticky situations and make quick and thoughtful decisions.  For example, let’s imagine you have an employee that is ornery and difficult but is brilliant at [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills as a Professional.

“Leadership is a way of thinking, not a position.”  Anne Warfield  I truly believe the above statement.  I think you can lead from any position; it is all about your mental attitude.  I asked earlier on Instagram why you may think watching mystery movies can help you become more strategic.  One of the reasons is for points 2 and 3 in this article.  When you watch a mystery and you are trying to solve it, you have to be trying to be one step ahead of the writer.    You need to think from each character’s position.   You need to [...]

8 Signs You’re a Strategic Thinker (Plus How To Become One)

In this article, 1,3 and 5 are what I find to make people really stand out as a strategic leader.   In order to be able to be good at strategic thinking you have to separate the noise, understand yourself, and be able to drive a stake in the ground. So why are they so important to what you need to do?   If you can’t separate out what is noise then you can’t get to the root of a problem.  You will create a solution to symptoms which, in itself, will create another problem. If you can’t self-reflect and understand [...]

How To Be A More Strategic Thinker.

Have you ever been told you need to be more strategic?  There are several things this can mean but generally, I find it sums into one thing - you need to be able to gain a high-level objective view and forecast out so you anticipate risks, mitigate them, and you can drown out any noise that breaks focus on that.  It is not always easy to do because emotions get in the way.  This article will help you understand a bit better how to become more strategic.  In the meantime, let me give you one way that will help [...]

The Power of Company Core Values

Do you really model your core values?  If you say you want a highly accountable and strategic team, you need to have values that create that.  The values become the employees' guidelines on how to make decisions, to prioritize, and to treat others.    So, if a leader says their value is to treat people fairly but that same leader does any of the following consistently, then they are inconsistent with their values:  Doesn’t give concrete deadlines or details  Let’s some people on the team do things a different way because they are hard for others to work with, but [...]

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