Three to Steps Address Unconscious Bias

This article will help you understand how unconscious bias can impact what you do.  My favorite line from it is “Unconscious bias makes you believe we are making decisions about an individual’s capabilities, professionalism, or ability to contribute based on rational details when, in reality, these are based on our personal preferences.”   I like this line because I often see leaders mix up personal preferences with work performance.  They don’t even realize what their brain is trying to protect and how that impacts how they see the big picture until they come through our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program.  [...]

Barriers Effective Problem Solving.

Are we naturally biased and judgmental?  Your brain is trained to protect you so it limits what it sees, interprets it in your favor, and compares things to what it knows.  You can see how that simple fact can lead to appearing to have bias and judgment.  This article helps you better understand seven problems that can crop up in thinking that limit your creativity. Click Here to Know More If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

The 5 Whys

If you have ever wondered what one word can open doors for you, it is one of the second words a child learns and then repeats over and over until you can’t take it anymore.  That word is “why”.  With one simple word you open up the way you think, listen, interact, and view a situation.  This article by Marelisa Fabrega lays out how to use why to get to the root cause of a problem.  Need help getting deeper on solving your challenges?  Just set up an exploratory call. Click Here to Know More [...]

Look for the Hidden Good and 3 Other Ways to React to Problems.

In the book the Luck Factor, they did experiments to see if you could scientifically prove how mental attitude could impact luck.  It was astounding how many participants were able to change their luck.  I read the book and put it into practice to change my parking karma—I used to always have to park in the back of a lot.  Now I get a front-row spot 95% of the time—-and No I don’t just circle the lot until a spot opens!  In this article Brian Tracy, hits on some key things that can help change the way you view [...]

Six Guidelines for getting to Yes.

The human thing is to want to protect in the best way we know-how.  Unfortunately, it can cause us to lockout possible solutions as we only see one way out.  There are many paths but you can’t find the best one without staying in curiosity.  I always assume the other side has information that I need to help come to light at the table.  That is more important to me than that I “get” what I am thinking I want as an outcome.  I will tell you with ProGOtiations I have found clients get 2 to 10 times better [...]

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