Where Do Most Leaders Hold Stress?

Most stress gets stored in the body in the gut or brain, which is why so many leaders get ulcers or headaches. Stress also, interestingly enough, tends to hit the body part that correlates to what is stressing you out. So for example, if you are having problems taking strides with a new project you may literally find you have a hip, leg, or foot problem. If you are feeling overwhelmed, your neck and shoulders start hurting as your brain literally feels the weight of the world on your shoulders. So start listening to your body if you see [...]

Difference Between Speaking Up And Speaking Out.

Speaking up is about giving voice to thoughts, concerns, ideas, wants, issues— it is always a good idea to learn how to speak up. I find many leaders stop speaking up if they feel there are too many levels between them and the top leaders. Don’t do that! Leaders always want to hear your voice when it is thoughtful and strategic regardless of your position in the company. Speaking out can be incredibly good or can be overly much. Speaking out is about giving voice to injustices or viewpoints. It can be incredibly good when… it widens other people’s [...]

What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

I often find the biggest brain limiter is our inability to STOP a current behavior or thought. For example, your team may have a formula that is working 90% of the time to drive results. Yet by letting go of that process you may be able to find a new process that works 100% of the time. Think about what you need to let go of in order to move to that next level. Is it a limiting belief? A pattern of behavior? A past experience? We have found that with Outcome Thinking®, leaders are able to make big leaps [...]

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Difference Between Giving In Versus Giving Up

Being a strong leader means you know when and what to give in on. I find many leaders see “giving in” as “giving up” and they aren’t even close. Giving in means: Being dedicated to the outcome but remaining flexible in the process. There are multiple ways to reach the goal so allow others more control on the path at times. Recognizing when you are offering an opinion versus a fact. Just because it is the only way you know, doesn’t mean it is the right way now. Listening to the undercurrent. You need to understand why you may [...]

Mental Difference Of Showing Up Versus Showing Off.

It may seem easy to know the difference, however, usually the difference between these two is at an unconscious brain level. Here’s how you know if you are showing up: You are dedicated to the outcome but flexible with the process You question both sides of the equation You challenge from an outcome level not a personal level Here’s how to know if you are “showing off”: You are invested in being right You worry what others will think You cover failures up You always lead with the good, not the important, when speaking to senior management As a leader, [...]

What Are Some Of The Riches You See In Others?

In their kind hearts, clever minds, or gentle souls. I once challenged myself to give out three compliments a day. I was shocked by how much I saw it change the look on people’s faces as I gave them a compliment. Right now our world needs more compliments, less criticism, and more accountability. Be the person to get the ball rolling with your team! If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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What Is One Phrase That Drives You Nuts?

I know for me, the phrase “let’s agree to disagree” is one for me. It implies both sides believe they are right and they have no intent to understand the other side. What is a phrase that you dislike and why? Post below! If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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That one word encompasses so much. Did you know your brain actually LEARNS through failures? It is one of the most powerful learning tools. The problem is we don’t like to fail. We often see it as a defect rather than just what it is, a lesson in what didn’t work. So, don’t worry about failing. Worry about not taking big enough steps to stretch yourself. Take a risk today and post what it is below! If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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Male Brain, Female Brain, Are They Different?

There is a male and female style brain. Not all male genders have a male brain and not all female genders have a female brain- so I am not talking gender here. A male-style brain likes to deal with one issue at a time and close the file drawer. While a female-style brain wants to open several file drawers and see how the issues interconnect. This difference in style can cause conflict unless you realize it is just that—a difference in style. To get the best results when talking with others, keep your discussions focused and to the point. [...]

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Want Positive Results When Negotiating? Then Do This…

Assume you only know 30% of what you need to know from the other side in any negotiation. This will keep you curious to listen and learn what are the barriers to accomplishing the outcome you desire. I find in 50% of the cases what one side thinks they know about the other side’s position is wrong. Stay curious. If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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There Are Many Ways To Fail: Not Taking A Chance Seems To Be The Most Successful.

This one always hits me in the gut as I think back on times I didn’t take the chance.  Those are the times I regret.   I remember one time asking 5 different boys to a junior high dance.  Well, they were all taken or waiting for someone else to ask them.  I remember being bummed with the first two.  Then after that, I thought, “why not?”  So, if a friend wanted to ask a guy, I would ask the guy who was hanging with that guy.  To this day, I never wonder if one of them would have gone to the dance to me, because [...]

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When What You Say And What You Do Are Aligned

...then you are modeling the values you want to see others follow as well. If you see something happening on your team you don’t like, go back to the above statement and make sure your words and actions are aligned. If they aren’t, people will listen to the “unspoken rule”. For example, if you want people to be more strategic yet you are constantly doing things last minute, then your words and actions are not aligned. To be aligned you would have to set aside some strategic time to be more planned out. This would demonstrate to the [...]

There Is An Energy In The Universe That Some People Call Karma.

Personally, I love to see positive karma spread. So, share below a nice karma thing that happened to you or that you did for someone. Let’s spread the goodness! I will start- yesterday I lost a $300 rangefinder for golf. When I realized it was lost, I told the people at the club, “Someone is going to turn in my rangefinder. Please let me know when it arrives.”  I just believed it would show up. And guess what, the next day it was found and turned in. If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to [...]

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Fourth Of July Always Reminds Me Of… much our descendants had to let go of in order to create a whole new world. Change is never easy for your brain as change implies incompetence to the brain. But the reality is if you are to grow you must let go of what worked before and learn new ways. As a leader, this is why a new promotion can sometimes suddenly make you feel off-kilter. It is because the thinking that got you to be promoted to that level, is not the thinking that will bring you to the next level. So with each level, you [...]

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Fourth Of July Is Coming Up!

Although it is a United States holiday, it is about things that are most important to all countries. It is about those who fought so you could have your freedom today. It is about being heroic versus trying to be the hero. It is about working as a team, not flying solo. It is about being committed to a cause that is bigger than you. It is about honoring others, and always doing your best. It is about sacrifice. It is about resilience. It is about being scrappy when you need to be and not be defined by rules. It [...]

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What Can Be Blocking Your Team From Absorbing Your Feedback?

I had a leader (George) come to work with us on his “communication skills”. He believed he had a problem with three peers in the company. The CEO had been talking to him for six months regarding this problem and had even shared instances of when it had happened. Well, when I asked the CEO how many people George had this problem with he responded, “over half his down line”. That meant George had the problem with over 180 people and George only had understood it was a problem with three people. You can’t give feedback to people by [...]

How Much Of Your Team’s Behavior Can You Influence?

You can actually influence a lot. Matter-of-fact, we test this by having leaders turn in their employee engagement scores before they work with us and then after they have worked with us. What we find is they significantly jump. What this proves is that as a leader changes how they think and interact, they automatically start changing how their team thinks and interacts. So, if you want to change behavior, you want to look at what you are recognizing and rewarding. For example, I find leaders who say they wish their team was more focused, tend to be rewarding [...]

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Sunset or Sunrise—Which Helps You When?

In our last post, I covered when to think in terms of a sunrise. Today, we will look at when to think in terms of a sunset as a leader. The beauty of a sunset is that it puts things to bed. Once that sun climbs over the hill, darkness comes. It means that tomorrow things can be renewed once the sun comes up. You want to sunset anything holding you back. So grudges, conversations you replay over and over, anger, failures you are embarrassed or ashamed of-are all examples of what to sunset. Now, here is the trick— [...]

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Which Do You Do?

As a leader, it is not always easy to remember to praise loudly and blame softly. Have you ever wonder why though? I mean you know you are a good person. You know you don’t want your team to feel ashamed. So why is it that our tongue is quicker with blame at the moment? The reason we are quick with blame and slower to praise is not because you are a critical person. It is actually due to the mechanism of how the brain works. Once your amygdala is triggered, it bypasses your prefrontal cortex and goes right [...]

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