Two simple little words that contain so much. Think about how you feel when someone says the word “But”… Have you noticed how your body stiffens up? How your brain puts on armor and stands guard? How others pull away? That one little word can negate all the good you said before it. It is like the parent standing shaking their head at you. Yet did you know it is the number one word used by leaders when trying to give feedback? Oh and then there is AND... Such a sweet word. It implies that things can be fixed, aligned [...]

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What Do You Regret?

I had a few chances to see the world before it changed. I regret I didn’t take those chances. I had the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland when there was a deep divide between the two sides. I had the opportunity to go and see the Berlin Wall when it was still up. I regret that I didn’t do those because I truly believe the sign that is up at the Dachau Concentration camp. That sign reads (in multiple languages) “History forgotten repeats itself.” I never want to forget the divides so I can rejoice in the unity. Set [...]

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When A Teacher Tells You To Sit Down And Shut up…

Ugh, what a miserable feeling! And in front of the entire class. So, what did I ask that caused my 6th-grade teacher to tell me I “asked a stupid question so sit down and shut up, Anne”? The question I asked is “Where do Monarch butterflies go in the winter?” Imagine you are me. I am sitting at my desk and it just doesn’t seem logical that a caterpillar does all that work to become a butterfly and then dies in just a few weeks? I mean, how do they reproduce that fast? So, I thought I was asking a [...]

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When It Seems Harder Than You Think It Should Be…

I love today’s quote because I find that, to eliminate a problem, you typically have to change how you think of the problem. In our Outcome Leadership Program, we have everyone bring a real-life challenge they have been working on. They then use the principles and formulas we teach in the class to work through the problem. What they find is that the majority of their stress comes from HOW they view the problem. This then causes them to worry about the problem rather than think through the problem. They are continually amazed that in 2 days time they can [...]

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Tired Of Being Over Looked In Meetings?

Or having someone say what you just said, yet no one seemed to hear you when you said it? There is an art to speaking so that others feel the power in your words—enough power that they want to stop and really listen to them. If you want to change how others see and hear you, you need to start by examining your beliefs. Beliefs are nothing more than habitual thoughts you have thought over and over until your mind sees them as the truth. I once had a client who was convinced she wasn’t promoted because she was a [...]

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Stop Hiring For Skills

I know that sounds silly, doesn’t it? However, I want you to think about the people on your team you value most. Most likely they are quick to learn, willing to take feedback, own a project end to end, and communicate clearly. Now, think of the people on your team that drive you nuts. Most likely they have an over-inflated view of their abilities, they don’t communicate well, and they are negative or difficult to work with and give feedback to. Remember you can train almost any skill but it is hard to change a patterned mindset that someone has [...]

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Take Today To Make One Person’s Life Brighter.

I remember the first time I decided to hand out three genuine compliments a day. I was amazed at how excited people got about the compliments. It made me realize that we often point out the flaws and mistakes but rarely point out all the good. How good are you at complimenting your team? Especially with compliments, they can take action by repeating that behavior? Go ahead and find out by asking them what you say or do that shows them they are valued. You may be surprised by what comes back. Set a schedule for an Exploratory Call Now!

What Knock Down Has Kept You Down?

Most leaders we coach have one or two knockdowns that they have let keep them down in that area. Events like a meeting with the Executive team that went really wrong. What is detrimental about keeping those knockdowns in your mind? It impacts your body language, thinking, and words for every executive meeting. I find they hesitate more, use timid body language, and worry too much about what to say instead of how to think through a situation. Take a moment to write out the knockdowns that are holding you back so you can eliminate them once and for all. [...]

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If Your Intentions…

Three simple but powerful words. We often hold ourselves in higher esteem than others because your brain evaluates you on your intentions but it evaluates everyone on their actions. This simple thing is why people can criticize others for the exact thing they do themselves and they don’t see the hypocrisy. Take time to make sure your intentions equal the actions others see. Set a schedule for an Exploratory Call Now!

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Why Opening Your Email First Thing Kills Dreams…

Did you know the hardest task your brain has to do is prioritize? So, if you start your day by going through all your emails first, you are essentially putting your dreams and plans on the back burner and letting others manage your time. The first thing you want to do each morning is aligned with your dreams and goals. Look at the big things you need to accomplish that month, back it into this week, and then to the day. Make sure you know your top 3 priorities for the day. Send any emails or directions pertaining to accomplishing [...]

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We Are Often Asked If Everyone Can Change The Way They Think.

Yes, they can BUT not everyone wants to. See, everything you do is driven by your brain and what it is trying to protect. If you want to make change happen and to make it stick, you have to know what your brain is trying to protect and how to satisfy that need in a different way. That is why it is hard for people to make significant and lasting change on their own- they can’t figure out what their brain is trying to protect. They just know what actions they see themselves doing. We do. Our expertise is helping [...]

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How To Make Sure You Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolution?

Did you know the brain takes the word “not” out of your sentence? So, if you say “I will not eat desserts for all of January,” the brain hears “I will eat desserts for all of January.” So, if you want to be successful in your New Year’s Resolution make sure it is stated positively. You might even think of “adding” the change rather than eliminating something. So, if you want to lose weight change it to “I will eat 3-5 veggies and fruits a day.” If you accomplish that you will be full and not eat the other bad [...]

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The Best Way To Conquer Fears…

Your hippocampus is the part of your brain that stores all your past successes and failures and the STORIES your brain has attached to them. Every time an event happens in your life your brain reviews it as positive or negative BASED on the past experience that most closely correlates. In other words, you are always using the past to interpret the present. So, if you want to conquer fears, you need to sit down and figure out what STORIES from your past no longer serve you. Then, rewrite them so you come out stronger and better. So, for example, [...]

Want To Help Your Team Execute Faster?

If you want a team to be more independent with making decisions and to increase the speed of execution, you need to give them flexible guideposts they can use that help them do that. I often find leaders confuse sharing a path with sharing a vision. The path usually has more concrete “how” steps to it while the vision has the “why and what.” Telling me that we are going to be the Lamborghini of the gift industry would right away tell me that we will be high luxury items that not everyone can afford. I would automatically know that [...]

What Is The Key Ingredient You Need To Conquer A New Leadership Position?

It is not self-esteem or knowledge. So what could it be? Self-esteem is the view of yourself and it is often based on your past experience, knowledge, and successes. You definitely want healthy self-esteem to tackle your new leadership position but think of that as your rearview mirror. To truly be successful in your new position you need to create a new mindset. Your mindset is like the door that opens the future. The mindset that made you a great leader at your old job needs to be expanded to assist you in achieving your new goals. When you expand [...]

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Want To Know How Respected Your Employees Feel?

People will work harder for you if they feel the work they do is valued and they feel respected. To do this you need to make sure employees feel you truly listen to them. High-level leaders work to serve their team by clearing pathways so they can do great work. Check how good of a listener you are by asking your team, “what are three things I do that make you feel valued?” Changing how you lead can drastically change how motivated employees are. Through our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Leadership Program we have helped leaders move their engagement scores from [...]

Want To Know A Key Reason That Mergers And Acquisitions Often Fail?

And it is not what you think. I have watched over a dozen companies involved in mergers or acquisitions and the majority do not succeed in the vision they had when they joined. So why is that? It is not that they didn’t do their financial due diligence. That I see happen time and again. The problem is not enough time is spent on the culture of the other company. See the culture dictates HOW things are done and HOW people are treated. It is the heartbeat of a company. I don’t care what lip service the acquiring companies give [...]

What Blocks You From Action?

Given a choice between a gain or a possible loss, what do you think the brain tends to do? If you guessed it prefers to stay status quo, you are right. Naturally, our brain is more risk adverse because it desires to protect you. This is also why people can fear to make a decision on trying something new. So this year, take stock and look at where you are stuck. Is it a risk you need to take? Skills you need to improve in order to jump to that next level? Or changes in relationships? Make this year where [...]

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Why You May Not Get The Respect You Deserve?

I am amazed at what most leaders do NOT DO when they first hire a person. See I think this one thing is the MOST IMPORTANT and should be done on the first day of the new hire. What is it? You should spend time on what are the values and principles that you operate by and how they guide your team. Values are modeled not taught. So, when you share what they are, you are always checking that you exemplify them daily to the team. You are also setting the expectation of what you expect attitude-wise from every person [...]

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