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Is In-Person Training More Effective for Leadership Development?

Is the traditional method of face-to-face learning the golden ticket to learning and mastering leadership skills? As the nuances of professional development evolve, the age-old question persists: Does in-person leadership training hold the key to exploring leaders’ full potential? It certainly can, and it definitely plays an important role! Read on! Understanding In-Person Leadership Training This concept entails immersive learning experiences conducted in physical settings where participants engage directly with trainers and peers. Picture a classroom buzzing with lively discussions, interactive exercises, and hands-on activities–all aimed at honing leadership prowess. This approach emphasizes the importance of real-time interactions and experiential [...]

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The Critical Role of Active Listening in Leadership

The Critical Role of Active Listening in Leadership Have you ever experienced a situation where instructions were given, but you got an unexpected outcome? This phenomenon, where people listen but don't understand, is more common than you might think. This is where active listening comes in. The root cause lies in how our brains are wired. While someone is speaking, your brain is simultaneously trying to decode their message, understand their intent, and relate it to your existing tasks. This mental juggling act often leads to misinterpretations, as your brain filters the information through the lens of your past [...]

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What is the Impact of Outcome-Based Leadership on Organizations?

Are you curious about how outcome-based leadership can transform your organization? Outcome-based leadership is a strategy focused on achieving specific results. It emphasizes setting clear goals and aligning the entire organization to achieve them. This approach ensures that every action and decision the organization makes is directed toward reaching the desired outcomes. Read on! Key Components of Outcome-Based Leadership This concept involves several key components to understand the core of outcome-based leadership: Clarity in Objectives Leaders articulate precise goals, leaving no room for ambiguity. Clear objectives serve as guiding stars, aligning efforts towards a common purpose. Empowerment Instead of dictating [...]

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How Can Corporate Leadership Development Drive Success?

Have you ever thought about the true impact of corporate leadership development on your business? Corporate leadership development programs are all about building rock-solid leaders within an organization. These programs focus on nurturing the skills and competencies needed to lead teams and drive business success. By investing in corporate leadership development, companies can ensure that their leaders are well-equipped to handle challenges, inspire their teams, and achieve strategic objectives. What are the Benefits of Corporate Leadership Development? Here’s the scoop: Enhanced Skills: These programs boost essential leadership skills like communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking. Leaders learn how to manage teams [...]

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The Top 10 Traits of Accountable Leaders

Are Great Leaders Born or Made? A Modern Perspective for Today’s Corporate Leaders The age-old debate of whether great leaders are born or made continues to captivate our interest. In a world where leadership styles have evolved and the corporate landscape has transformed, this question remains as pertinent as ever. The consensus is that it’s a blend of both innate abilities and cultivated skills. While some individuals display early signs of leadership prowess, others may require significant experiences or challenges to unlock their potential. Regardless of the path to leadership, the following traits are indispensable for modern corporate leaders: [...]

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How to Change a Negative Attitude: A Leader’s Guide to Positive Team Dynamics

How to Change a Negative Attitude: A Leader's Guide to Positive Team Dynamics Amidst the vibrant greens of our golf league, a leadership challenge sprouted: Casey’s pervasive negative attitude. As the weeks unfolded, a consistent plea echoed from 30 of our 60 members—distance us from Casey’s dampening spirit. Consequently, I faced a clear dilemma: how to tactfully address this without sidelining Casey, all under the watchful eyes of the league. Therefore, I took a proactive approach. I invited Casey into my group, transforming the fairway into a platform for direct observation. Casey, embodying the “socialized negative,” sought connection by [...]

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3 Steps to Keep Your Team Motivated

3 Steps to Keep Your Team Motivated It’s common for teams to feel letdown after reaching a significant milestone. This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the natural decline in excitement after a goal is achieved and the daunting prospect of new challenges ahead. Experiencing a Team’s Post-Milestone Blues Leaders often see their teams hitting impressive milestones only to find that morale and motivation plummet soon after. We frequently rationalize this slump as the result of intense effort or the team having pushed themselves to the limit. However, the real reason is often more [...]

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Mastering the Art of Giving Feedback

Mastering the Art of Giving Feedback Giving feedback is a delicate art that, when done correctly, can significantly enhance performance. It’s a common scenario: you’re about to give feedback, and you're feeling uncomfortable, like you're tiptoeing through a minefield. This is because a lot of how we learned to give feedback it to talk at the person, rather than with them. Traditional communication methods often start with one of two approaches. The ‘soft’ approach, laden with praise before the inevitable ‘but,’ only serves to activate defensive barriers. The ‘hard’ approach, devoid of any cushioning, can breed resentment and a [...]

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Getting Around Difficult People

Navigating the challenges of getting around difficult people in the workplace can be a daunting task. These individuals often disrupt the harmony of the office with their negative attitudes, self-centered behavior, and domineering presence. It’s natural to wish for a change, to transform the daily grind into a more positive experience. But have you considered the possibility that your actions might be inadvertently reinforcing their behavior? Consider this: a CEO confided in me about an employee who had been a constant source of frustration for over two decades. Despite numerous attempts to address the issue, the behavior persisted. This [...]

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How to Influence Change

In today’s dynamic world, how to influence change starts with reimagining leadership. It’s not about titles; it’s a mindset. Leadership is your responsibility, whether you’re an entry-level employee or a C-suite executive. Imagine being the owner of your workspace—would you rehire yourself every day? Key Traits of Modern Leaders To influence change, modern leaders exhibit distinct traits: Clarity in Communication and Vision: Forget lengthy mission statements. Embrace a vision that’s memorable and actionable. Think of Les Wexner’s goal for Victoria’s Secret or Bill Gates’s dream of a computer on every desk. Make your mission resonate on a personal level, like [...]

Problem Solving Strategies

You have a leader Rob in Europe who is not performing to your standards. It appears that he works in one direction and then seems to switch and work in another direction. He reports to the SR VP at corporate in the United States but since that corporate leader is not over in Europe you have asked the Leader in England to jump in and assist. And since you realize Rob is floundering a bit, you have asked the other ELT members to jump in when they are in Europe to “straighten him out”. It has been 6 months and [...]

Having you ever been presenting an idea and you suddenly get peppered with questions that feel like the person is saying “this won’t work?”

Frustrating, isn’t it? For most leaders this is the time when their face shuts down, they drop their head or cross their arms, take a deep breath and then talk to the person like they are an obstacle or that they are not so bright.Yes, there are some people who naturally always look for the flaws. But more likely what the questions mean is that a person is trying to marry what you are saying with what they believe they know (these are the stories in their Hippocampus). The only way to effectively help them change their mind is to [...]

How many times have you been in a meeting where a person came believing they already knew what needed to be done EVEN though they did not fully understand what the issue really was?

Your brain is designed to protect you. This causes it to think of problems only in relation to you and not the bigger picture. In order to truly grasp what is the problem you need to be able to open your mind, become quiet, and see how pieces fit together. Think of the Apollo 13 movie when the leader dumped on a table the pieces of what Apollo 13 had on board and told his team “you have to figure out a solution using only the pieces they have up on the shuttle.” This action caused them to challenge traditionally [...]

How Can I Remain Positive When I Encounter People Who Say, “We can’t do that”?

When people say “We can't do that,” it usually means you've run into a barrier of some sort. Your job is to find out what they are trying to protect. If they are Connectors, what they may really be saying is, "We've tried that before and we didn't have great results, so why will it work this time?" Or they may be trying to tell you, "I'm not comfortable with change, so show me how this change can be done effectively." If the person is an Analyzer, they may be asking you to give them more facts that support what you are [...]

Problem Solving Tips

When you think of how to “grow through what you go through” it is really about pausing, reflecting, learning, and then applying what you learn to get different results. When you read this article I will tell you the number two step is the most important. It is the one most leaders squeeze because of the drive and need to get to a solution. Next time you hit a problem make sure your team STOPS and stays on step two until you completely understand the problem you are solving. Click Here to Know More If you want help [...]

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