Why Do You turn Red When You Speak At a High Level Event?

The reason this happens is that your brain has learned a “response pattern” to an event. Then, any time an “event” happens that is similar to it, your brain will automatically generate the chemical reaction in your body. So, in order to stop the red from showing up, you actually need to figure out what “event” your brain has stored and rework it. That is what we do with leaders and we find that even in one day the red flush begins to stop and only goes to the chest level! They are amazed. Then, once they have locked [...]

When Have Things Fallen Apart But Later You Realized It Was Just Things Falling In Place for You?

My most recent was Covid. My business was virtual and live programs. Covid helped me to make a complete pivot and put all of our virtual/live programs online. The beauty is client’s love it as many of our clients have teams all around the world. Being able to do our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program online and virtual saves them time, and money to not fly people in and still keep everyone culturally connected. LOVE IT! Share your “falling apart to fall into place” story below... Click here to schedule an Exploratory Call.

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Need A Clean Slate With Someone?

We have all had either those meetings or individuals where things just didn’t go as planned. Then you find that elephant continues to enter the room each time you meet with the person. We just recently worked with a leadership team that had a major fail on a large-scale project in the past. They were working on a new project. From the way, they were being challenged and asked to “prove” each decision the team felt that their past track record with the failed project was making the leadership team leery. So, we showed them how to use Outcome [...]

Have A Complex Topic To Cover And You Need People To Comprehend It?

The more complex a topic is the more you need to do two things: 1. Use stories and analogies to anchor your points and make it easy for others to comprehend. 2. Keep your slides tight. Have them build so you only have people focused on what you are currently talking about. The worst mistake I see people make with a complex topic is they put up a filled slide and then try and bring people from one part to the next. This leads to dazed confusion. That leads to no movement of action on your audience’s part. So, [...]

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Do You Realize Just How Much Power You Have?

Your brain is a tool designed to protect you. Your mind is the fuel that feeds the brain and your mindset is what forms based on what fuel you feed your mind and brain. So, that is a lot of power in your hands. I am continually amazed at how leaders we work within our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program are able to change their circumstances by shifting the fuel they feed their brains. We are able to help them shift giving tough feedback from a chore to an honor. To shift presenting at the C Suite from uncomfortable to [...]

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Why Is It So Hard To Admit A Mistake?

So why, if you are an intelligent strong leader who knows mistakes don’t define you, is it still so hard to admit you made a mistake? It is because your brain is designed to protect you. Therefore, it doesn’t want to see you in pain or failing. Yet ironically the number one way the brain learns is through failure. To mitigate the impact failures have on your brain, you have to do 4 things: 1. Swiftly own the mistake without excuses. 2. Think through how you can fix it now and prevent it in the future. 3. If necessary, [...]

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Which Do You Like Better A or B And Why?

A person doesn’t execute in the way you expect on a project, which response do you prefer? A. What you said was _______ and so I thought that meant you wanted it ____________. B. I believe I misinterpreted what was meant by (state phrase) so let’s walk through this so we can be sure I will execute it properly next time. Click here to schedule an Exploratory Call.

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In An Interview How Do You Know You Are Getting Substance And Not Just Charisma?

I can’t tell you how many leaders we work with that say “she/he interviewed so well, I don’t know what went wrong!” They are frustrated that what they believed the person said they could do doesn’t match their performance. This happens because a person’s brain recalls events as they INTERPRETED them, not as they really happened. So the long and short is… you will never get an accurate depiction of a person’s abilities by asking them questions that make them interpret the past. Instead, make them PROVE their skills. Do things like have them actually walk you through a [...]

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Facing Zoom Burnout?

Did you know that being on video actually takes more energy than being in a face-to-face meeting? So, although Zoom is great for having meetings or not traveling to meetings (when things resume to normal again!), you do want to be conscious of a few things to make it less tiring. Use Breakout Rooms. With longer meetings going in and out of smaller groups will keep it more stimulating for the brain. When you bring everyone back make sure you ask for some people to share key insights from their groups. Take more frequent breaks. Even if it is [...]

What Is Wrong With These Openings For Questions?

Are you aware… Did you know that... Both of these openers can feel like you are gently guiding and inquiring without being assumptive. However, they both start with the premise of “I don’t believe you do know this information.” For the other person, they sound like a challenge and are irritating. Try instead to use a positive assumptive statement that shows you believe they do know what they are doing. One example is “So when you explored...” This opening assumes they have the knowledge and leaves it open for them to ask you to explain further. One of the things [...]

Can You Really Motivate An Employee?

Well yes and no. No, because motivation comes from a person’s internal drive. They create it and they drive it. However… As a leader, how you communicate and speak with employees can absolutely light up and inspire them so their motivation kicks in. Without Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program leaders learn to tap into their creativity. As they do this they are better able to inspire their team with their stories and analogies. Start watching the words that leaders inspire you to use. You will see that they are words that create pictures for you mentally. If you want to work [...]

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If You Can’t Do This, You Will Make The Problem Worse.

To be successful at problem-solving you must make sure you are solving the root of the problem not the symptom. I see so many leaders jumping to solve a problem before they understand the problem. When that occurs suddenly new problems crop up. For example, we had a leader add a new scoring system so people could track how they did each day. They did this as they had a disparity between the work productivity of union and non-union individuals. They wanted an “even slate” they all worked from. At the end of the day, each person was to have [...]

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Your Secret Ingredient, Do You Know What It Is?

I was watching this video about this special cheese from Poland. The cheese itself is beautiful with this lovely stamped design on it. It has been made in the mountains of Poland since the 15th century. It is amazing to watch the intricate pattern they make in this cheese. It is all done by hand and only made May to October. Here is my point— this cheese has a special process that can’t be rushed. It must be made by hand. It has scarcity. I had never heard of it until I saw the video on it. Now I [...]

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Right, Easy, Popular? They Don’t Always Go Together.

How do you know if you are just being persuaded by what is popular or what is easy versus what is right? To find out if you are just cutting corners, ask yourself- If I take this easier path and it doesn’t work out, will I be thinking “shoot I should have..” If you do think that, then it means you know the path you should take but you are just not wanting to do the work. To find out if you are doing something just because it is popular, ask yourself- If tomorrow it wasn’t trendy to do [...]

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Your Body Tells More Than You Think…

Body language is instinctually read by others in order to interpret what you are saying. Here are a couple of things to avoid- Fidget with pen, fingers or ring - looks like you are nervous or unsure of yourself Licking your lips - looks like you are chomping on the bit or bored Sloped shoulders - looks like you are defeat Breaking eye contact - looks like you are unsure To be seen as confident you want to make sure that you use body language that shows your positive strength. Click here to schedule an Exploratory Call.

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When You Pick The Wrong Word…

The words you choose have a huge impact on whether you open a person’s mind or shut their mind to listening to you. Naturally, our brain wants to pick defensive words that protect us to tell others how to do things. Now imagine you are my boss. If I come in and say, “Hey I have a problem…” where does your mind go?  Most likely the amygdala gets triggered and you listen and high alert. So, you are waiting for the “shoe to drop.” Now, imagine instead I come in, with the same scenario, but I start with “we have [...]

Why May Your Ideas Not Get Traction When You Share Them?

There is nothing more frustrating than pitching a great idea and you hear only crickets. Well, actually what is more frustrating is when someone later says your exact same idea and everyone jumps on it. So what happened? Why did your idea not get heard? This is a more common problem than you think. We run into it with leaders all the time. And often when we show what the problem is they are flabbergasted on how small changes can make a big impact. Some of the chronic problems I see... Starting too quiet — it sounds like you [...]

If You Want To Grow And Stretch It Means You Have To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

That is not something your brain wants to do. Your brain is designed to protect you so it would rather work on protecting your current situation than taking a risk. So, to “trick” your brain to stop panicking over risk, start making small changes that are little to no risks. Change the food you eat. Make a new friend. Craft an amazing email telling someone something you admire about them. Ask your team to share 3 things you can improve on. These are all small risks that your brain will take as they are not too scary. As your brain [...]

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How To Know If Someone You Are Speaking To Is Interested In What You Are Saying?

I find this one sign is often overlooked by people, yet it will tell you right away if they are in or out. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have been in where either the executive or the buyer gave this sign and the person presenting just kept going. The reason you miss the sign is you are too busy focusing on completely your presentation. Your brain predetermined where and when they would give you the yes. So in the future when you see this sign, I want you to stop and engage them. Ask them a question [...]

But How Do You Think Big?

The older I get the more amazed I am at how your thinking impacts your outcomes. I have watched thousands of leaders work with us in our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program to change how they think about communicating and executing and suddenly the vault seems to open. Over 60% get promoted their first year! What changes is how they VIEW communications and interaction. Then, you pair that with some new skills for communicating through conflict, negotiations, and messaging and suddenly it is like the vault opens. In what ways are you thinking too small? What fears hold you back from [...]

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