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Closed Body Language: What is Fig Leafing?

Fig leafing is when you clasp one hand within the other and then drop them down the front of you till they rest at full length. It got its name because it is similar to Adam and Eve holding the fig leaves in front of them to hide their nakedness. When you fig leaf, your shoulders naturally slope down and you look less confident.  Keep your shoulders relaxed but strong when speaking. Does learning more about body language interest you? Then get Anne’s book: Communicating More Effectively: How to Read What a Person is Thinking But Not Saying! Go to [...]

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Negotiation and Body Language

Why is it important to understand body language when negotiating? Once you learn to read body language, you can see what a person is thinking but not saying. You can tell when they are in agreement with you, disagreement, bored, interested, upset, angry or confused. When a client is mirroring your body language this means they like you and are persuaded by you. If you are in a meeting and it’s not going well, change your body language. Uncross your arms and legs and move to an open position. Don’t close when a prospect/client is in a closed body position, [...]

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What Does Kari Bale’s Body Language Tell You?

I was just on the radio to share perceptions of Kari Bale's reaction to the news that her husband potentially shot innocent citizens and children in Afghanistan and then turned himself in. So what did the interview with Matt Lauer tell us? There are four body language signs that Kari used: 1. Shaking her head back and forth when answering questions. 2. Looking up to her left when answering whether she believed he had done this. 3. Rubbing her right finger over her left hand while in her lap. 4. Smiling. Now what do all of these signs mean and [...]

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The Importance of Body Language

You enter in to the negotiating room and almost instantly you dislike the person you are negotiating with. You feel something slimly and distrustful in their approach but you can’t pin your finger on what it is. You live through the negotiation but you feel ill at ease. Later on, when the other party backs out on what they promised, you think “I knew something like this would happen. Why didn’t I just trust my gut reaction?” Well you are not alone! Over 65-90% of every conversation is interpreted through body language, yet only about 4% of [...]

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Your Body Speaks Volumes, But Do You Know What It Is Saying?

Just the other day a salesperson told me she would do whatever it took to make me happy and that really ticked me off! Why would that be? Shouldn't I be thrilled that she was offering to do whatever it took to make me happy? No, because the words didn't match her body language. As she was telling me she would do whatever it took to make me happy, she had her hands on her hips, her legs spread apart, and was looking down at me. It really came off as, "you really are being a pain lady so [...]

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How To Use Body Language To Improve Your Presentation

Your posture should convey confidence, poise, and credibility. A posture that suggests you are a thought-leader. In order to do this, you may do the following: Your shoulders should be slightly back. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet. Your legs should be no further apart than your shoulder width. Your hands should be either at your side, at your waist, or one hand at your waist one at your side. Make sure your shoulders are not stiff and square. Don't turtle your head forward. Don't stare or blink excessively. Do not lean on the podium. Record yourself [...]

Telephone Presentation Tips

When doing a presentation over the phone, you would want to "connect". Have you ever been chatting with a group over the phone and you hear....nothing but dead silence? How do you know they are engaged? How do you keep them from multitasking to do other work? Let's start with the assumption that you are regularly asked to conduct meetings or presentations over the phone to a dispersed group. Here are some telephone presentation tips you can do to keep the group engaged: Give a clear outline of what you will cover in the call or time together. [...]

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Executive Body Language

Here are five quick tips on how to be perceived as a strong and confident leader using executive body language: Strong Stance - your weight should always be evenly balanced between both of your feet and your shoulders should be strong yet relaxed, not sloped.  Your head should be straight on or as you listen it should be tilted and turned slightly. Consistent Caring Eye Contact - you should make eye contact about 70% of the time with people.  If your eye contact is more than that you may be seen as stern and not flexible.  If your eye contact is [...]

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Leadership Skills Tip: Are You A High Perceptive?

  As leaders you are constantly faced with being "on" for your team. Your brain literally needs to be charged continuously. Leadership Skills Tip: People who are highly strategic tend to also be high perceptive people. High perceptive people notice nuances that others miss- body language and emotional cues from others. According to Paul ORadde about 15-20% of all people are High Perceptives. This high perception often causes them to need down time or quiet time. For me this High Perception means that I need to close my office every day and take down time by listening to music, reading [...]

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How To Create Positive Energy That Drives Productivity: Leadership Development Solutions

Infection.  It is a word that we dread when we think about disease but change a few letters and suddenly the word infectious inspires happiness, good will and abundance. In 2011 make positive energy infectious in your office.  We have actually done studies and found that FOCUSED positive energy can drive your office productivity up by 25%!  Imagine what you could do if you had back 25% of your TIME! Negative energy drains the office- I have actually seen one individual drive a department from $100 million in revenue down to $10 million in less than three years. You can't [...]

How To Use Active Listening To Hear What Is Meant

Have you ever had someone tell you what needs to be done only to find out later that what they meant and what you heard were not the same thing? This listening but not hearing phenomenon happens more frequently than you think. The reason it happens is your brain is designed to protect you. So the entire time someone is talking with you, your brain is trying to figure out what they mean, why they want it and how it fits with what else is on your plate.  While all of those thoughts are going on, your brain is also [...]

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Simplicity & Significance-How to Say More With Less

It was the opening statement for the financial discussion. People were used to complex figures done in sequential order while every person rolled their eyes, yawned and got lost. Heidi opened with “What you do not measure you cannot understand. And what you don’t understand you cannot change. So I am here today to make sense of the numbers so you can measure and change what needs to be changed.” The entire executive board perked up. Heidi then proceeded with laser like focus to hone in to certain numbers and explain what they meant and what decisions needed to be [...]

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What is in a Word?

If I said, “I would get right back to you” when are you thinking I will get back to you? When I ask groups this question, the answers range from a low of 15 minutes to a high of within the week. Imagine how you would feel if you think it means “15 minutes” and I think it is “within the week.” You can see the confusion, anger, frustration, and stress that could cause us each time I tell you I will get right back to you. In business there are what I call “vague terms.” These are words [...]

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Credible Candid Communication

At 2 PM today I did the unthinkable. I had promised my daughter I would go to school at 12:45 PM and be her “show and tell.” She had proudly practiced how she would share in Spanish, “yo tengo un Mama.” And that she would say I had a shirt in “azul” and a blazer that was “negro.” Oops. As the horrible lump settled in my stomach I knew I had to run to her school and somehow make it up. Of course she forgave me. The kids told me that she had told the class “I have to wait [...]

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Am I Communicating With Respect? 10 Steps To Communicating Respectfully

In order to improve communication with others you need to make sure you are always conveying that you respect them as a person. Sadly, I must say I often see this trait missing especially between employees and managers. Here is a quick test that will help you know if you always convey that you respect the other person. Give yourself a point for all the ones you do consistently. You bring pen and paper to meetings and take notes to show your interest and the importance of what is being said.   You respond to all phone calls and emails [...]

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Are We All Turning Into Dug the Dog in UP?

As I watched the movie UP, I got a kick out of the dog, Dug. Dug could speak but his flaw was that in the middle of a conversation with you, if a squirrel darted in his line of sight, he completely forgot what he was saying to you.  So the conversation would go something like this, “Hi, I am Dug. I love to play… Squirrel!…Hi, I am Dug, I love to play”.  Literally the dog could not remember what he had been just talking about. Well the scary thing is the new report on how the internet is affecting [...]

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Are Presentations About Sharing Information?

Almost 90% of all people we poll say a presentation is about sharing information. The reality is that a presentation is never about just sharing information! If you believe the presentation is about sharing information you have a tendency to just dump data and information on people and assume they will be able to decipher it and take action. This is why so many presentations and with people saying, “Great information I'll get back to you on it.” What they are literally telling you is, "I am not sure how to process, digest, absorb, and react to this information." In [...]

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Are You Using the 7 Cardinal Rules To Turn the Media to Friend versus Foe?

Tom got the call to be the spokesperson for a crisis his company was facing. Tom felt he was prepared and ready to handle the situation. The reporter spent an hour talking with Tom. At the beginning of the conversation Tom was nervous so he shifted feet, looked down, and did some heavy breathing as he talked. At one point he relaxed and the reporter asked him a questioning statement, “Tom, looking back on this, it sounds like your company has a process to handle this so it shouldn’t happen?” Tom replied, “Well…yes, we do have a process but in [...]

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Presentation Skills Tip #1: What can turn your audience off?

I want you all to sit back, close your eyes and imagine…” Have you ever had a speaker ask you to do that?  I love looking around to see how many people are “peeking” or just looking at their laps. When you ask the audience to shut their eyes you are asking them to have an extreme amount of trust in you.  You better be sure you have earned that trust or you will really put people off.  The other day I ordered a sandwich on French bread. The sandwich man took out the bread, started to cut it and [...]

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To Be Influential as a Leader Today You Need …

In 20 years there has been a significant switch in what is considered ESSENTIAL  for a leader to be influential.  Twenty years ago the focus was on helping leaders develop the technical skills they needed to master in order to be a great leader.  It was believed that a great leader led through access to facts and that "soft" skills had a back seat.  In September the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) conducted a  survey of top leaders around the world and found the opposite to be true today.  Now "soft skills" are the DIFFERENTIATOR between good and great leaders. [...]

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