Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

I have never seen a time where leaders were asked to step into the hero’s journey. Let’s face it, things are not what they were one year ago. To lead effectively you must not only be willing to change how you think, but you also have to be able to influence the thinking of your team. If you don’t you will face more leadership issues like: High team burnout Delayed projects More time spent with employees trying to field issues/challenges they are facing More time putting out fires You will have less time to: Strategize (leaders who work with us [...]

Every Wonder Why So Much Business Happens Easily On The Back Of A Cocktail Napkin..

And yet you find yourself having to prepare a full deck to get approval on something that seems so obvious to you? Well, it is not you. The brain is most comfortable with ideas that it can quickly grasp and see the possibilities of the idea.  So, when you come in with a lot of charts, graphs, and details, their brain freaks out and shuts down. Literally, their brain says, “This is too hard so I can’t make a decision until I fully understand it.” Just remember too many details in your discussion are like exit ramps OUT of a decision being made. ^^^^^^^^ STOPPED HERE There [...]

Is Your Training Wasting Your Money?

We continue to have clients ask us, “how can you produce such fast results, in such a short time, and make them stick. Why isn’t internal training doing that?” Let’s face it, most internal training teams we work with are filled with great people. The problem is not the brainpower of the team. So, why do we get such different results? It is due to the 5 Secret Ingredients we have in every program. A good leadership program should help your leaders change, align as a team, and produce long-lasting results. You don’t want a “flavor of the month” program [...]

How many of you wish this could be posted at your work?

There is only one I would change and that is number 7. I think as leaders we need to give respect to our team and then hold them responsible for keeping it. That means we need to give them guidelines and show them how to respect others and to have others respect you. That is the role of us as leaders. Which of these rules is most often broken at your work? Want to know more about how to challenge appropriately? Click here to get 3 ways to appropriately challenge others so they respond positively.

How Crazy Are You?

If you are a really good leader you can change the world. You have the power to impact every life of the individuals that work for you. You also impact their families because they carry home how they feel about the workday. That is a lot of LIVES you impact. Click like if you agree that as a leader you influence your team and how they interact in the world. Get Your Daily Motivations

Do you know what gets you a “NO” from Senior Leadership?

Well, neither did John. So here is the situation: The company had a hiring freeze going on. John wanted to go to his VP and discuss the idea of restructuring his sales team. The restructuring would eliminate three positions while adding two positions at a lower level. The company had a hiring freeze at the time. John went to his boss to see if he could propose his idea to the C Suite but his boss became super defensive and squashed it. John asked us why that happened. Two reasons: With a hiring freeze on, it typically means any headcount [...]

This one mistake with the C Suite can cost you…

If you have ever prepared for a C Suite conversation, you know how nerve-wracking it can be. For, after all, you can feel that your reputation and promotability are on the line depending on how the discussion goes. Here is one of the many mistakes, I see leaders make that costs them when they go in to converse with the C Suite— They don’t know how to challenge the C Suite appropriately. You may have a better idea of how to do things or better facts on how something will or won’t work. But if you don’t know how to [...]

Have you ever wondered how you know if your conscious mind and subconscious mind are at odds?

Just look at any pattern of self-sabotage you might have. For example, if you are trying to lose weight (conscious mind) but you keep craving desserts (something in the subconscious mind is fearful about you losing weight). Or you really want to be promoted (conscious mind) but you don’t speak up in meetings (subconscious mind doesn’t think you have what it takes) We have found in our work with leaders, that once we remove the limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind, that is when they soar! Get Your Daily Motivations!

Who has inspired you most as a leader?

How we lead is actually ingrained in us much earlier than most people think. The values, the principles, and the style of you as a leader emerges at a relatively young age and then grows through time. For me, it was my Mother.  She taught me at a young age that for me, it was my mother.  She taught me at a young age that wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes from our willingness to learn from mistakes and adjust.  She would often tell me, “you can be the youngest in the room and still be the wisest.  But with [...]

What mistake do people make that reduces follow up and execution?

Ever been frustrated that you give explicit instructions only to be handed back work that doesn’t meet expectations or deadlines that are missed? Ever wondered why that can happen? There are usually key things missing. See in order to have people take ACTION on what you say, they need to understand WHY it is important. So, the first mistake I see leaders make is they tell their team WHAT they need to do, and HOW to do it but often forget to tell WHY. Make sure your team is clear on why something is important and have them explain to [...]

Closed Body Language: What is Fig Leafing?

Fig leafing is when you clasp one hand within the other and then drop them down the front of you till they rest at full length. It got its name because it is similar to Adam and Eve holding the fig leaves in front of them to hide their nakedness. When you fig leaf, your shoulders naturally slope down and you look less confident.  Keep your shoulders relaxed but strong when speaking. Does learning more about body language interest you? Then get Anne’s book: Communicating More Effectively: How to Read What a Person is Thinking But Not Saying! Go to [...]

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Negotiation and Body Language

Why is it important to understand body language when negotiating? Once you learn to read body language, you can see what a person is thinking but not saying. You can tell when they are in agreement with you, disagreement, bored, interested, upset, angry or confused. When a client is mirroring your body language this means they like you and are persuaded by you. If you are in a meeting and it’s not going well, change your body language. Uncross your arms and legs and move to an open position. Don’t close when a prospect/client is in a closed body position, [...]

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What Does Kari Bale’s Body Language Tell You?

I was just on the radio to share perceptions of Kari Bale's reaction to the news that her husband potentially shot innocent citizens and children in Afghanistan and then turned himself in. So what did the interview with Matt Lauer tell us? There are four body language signs that Kari used: 1. Shaking her head back and forth when answering questions. 2. Looking up to her left when answering whether she believed he had done this. 3. Rubbing her right finger over her left hand while in her lap. 4. Smiling. Now what do all of these signs mean and [...]

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The Importance of Body Language

You enter in to the negotiating room and almost instantly you dislike the person you are negotiating with. You feel something slimly and distrustful in their approach but you can’t pin your finger on what it is. You live through the negotiation but you feel ill at ease. Later on, when the other party backs out on what they promised, you think “I knew something like this would happen. Why didn’t I just trust my gut reaction?” Well you are not alone! Over 65-90% of every conversation is interpreted through body language, yet only about 4% of [...]

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Your Body Speaks Volumes, But Do You Know What It Is Saying?

Just the other day a salesperson told me she would do whatever it took to make me happy and that really ticked me off! Why would that be? Shouldn't I be thrilled that she was offering to do whatever it took to make me happy? No, because the words didn't match her body language. As she was telling me she would do whatever it took to make me happy, she had her hands on her hips, her legs spread apart, and was looking down at me. It really came off as, "you really are being a pain lady so [...]

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How To Use Body Language To Improve Your Presentation

Your posture should convey confidence, poise, and credibility. A posture that suggests you are a thought-leader. In order to do this, you may do the following: Your shoulders should be slightly back. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet. Your legs should be no further apart than your shoulder width. Your hands should be either at your side, at your waist, or one hand at your waist one at your side. Make sure your shoulders are not stiff and square. Don't turtle your head forward. Don't stare or blink excessively. Do not lean on the podium. Record yourself [...]

Telephone Presentation Tips

When doing a presentation over the phone, you would want to "connect". Have you ever been chatting with a group over the phone and you hear....nothing but dead silence? How do you know they are engaged? How do you keep them from multitasking to do other work? Let's start with the assumption that you are regularly asked to conduct meetings or presentations over the phone to a dispersed group. Here are some telephone presentation tips you can do to keep the group engaged: Give a clear outline of what you will cover in the call or time together. [...]

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Executive Body Language

Here are five quick tips on how to be perceived as a strong and confident leader using executive body language: Strong Stance - your weight should always be evenly balanced between both of your feet and your shoulders should be strong yet relaxed, not sloped.  Your head should be straight on or as you listen it should be tilted and turned slightly. Consistent Caring Eye Contact - you should make eye contact about 70% of the time with people.  If your eye contact is more than that you may be seen as stern and not flexible.  If your eye contact is [...]

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Leadership Skills Tip: Are You A High Perceptive?

  As leaders you are constantly faced with being "on" for your team. Your brain literally needs to be charged continuously. Leadership Skills Tip: People who are highly strategic tend to also be high perceptive people. High perceptive people notice nuances that others miss- body language and emotional cues from others. According to Paul ORadde about 15-20% of all people are High Perceptives. This high perception often causes them to need down time or quiet time. For me this High Perception means that I need to close my office every day and take down time by listening to music, reading [...]

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