Communication Is A Skill That You Can Learn…

Ever wish that people listened and acted on what you said the first time?  Come find out how to do that. Send us your challenging situations on messaging and we will share what to do on Jan 19th Insights with Anne. If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set [...]

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How To Get Your Leader To Invest In You And Your Career?

Do you have the attributes that make Senior Leaders desire to promote you? Most people think what gets you promoted is your ability to do technical things. But the reality is the leaders that clients promote are the ones that know how to THINK through things rather than just about them. In this great article [...]

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Want To Know How Respected Your Employees Feel?

People will work harder for you if they feel the work they do is valued and they feel respected. To do this you need to make sure employees feel you truly listen to them. High-level leaders work to serve their team by clearing pathways so they can do great work. Check how good of a listener [...]

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Want To Know A Key Reason That Mergers And Acquisitions Often Fail?

And it is not what you think. I have watched over a dozen companies involved in mergers or acquisitions and the majority do not succeed in the vision they had when they joined. So why is that? It is not that they didn’t do their financial due diligence. That I see happen time and again. The [...]

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Want Tough Feedback Received Well?

The reason most people hate tough feedback is they feel demolished by it. It is like they visualize you sitting in a room and judging them as inadequate. So, the usual “sandwich” approach doesn’t work. The recipient is skeptical and doubts what you said. Instead of focusing on what you need to say, focus your energy [...]

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Why I Hate The Phrase, “Hopefully That Won’t Happen.”

Unbeknownst to the speaker of that phrase, what you have really said to your brain is, “I don’t want to know if that happens because I don’t know what I can do about it.” You instead want to get your entire team thinking, “If that does happen, I know we can handle it.” Once the brain [...]

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Why Would Someone Who Has Been A Leader For Many Years Ever Need Coaching Or Leadership Classes?

It seems logical that someone that has been a leader for many years and moves up to the next level should be just fine without coaching, right? But here is what I see happen. Companies come to us saying things like “Amanda was our rockstar. Now we just promoted her again and she is floundering. We [...]

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