Frustrating, isn’t it? For most leaders this is the time when their face shuts down, they drop their head or cross their arms, take a deep breath and then talk to the person like they are an obstacle or that they are not so bright.

Yes, there are some people who naturally always look for the flaws. But more likely what the questions mean is that a person is trying to marry what you are saying with what they believe they know (these are the stories in their Hippocampus). The only way to effectively help them change their mind is to allow them to pull these stories or beliefs out of their hippocampus, compare to what you are saying, and then regroup to put new beliefs in their brain.

SO DO NOT stop this process. They are not resisting you, they are actually trying to change a brain pathway.

The most effective way to aid in this process is to give an outside example to help shift their thinking. In Tuesday’s video I give you an example of exactly how to do that.

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