Having you ever been presenting an idea and you suddenly get peppered with questions that feel like the person is saying “this won’t work?”

Frustrating, isn’t it? For most leaders this is the time when their face shuts down, they drop their head or cross their arms, take a deep breath and then talk to the person like they are an obstacle or that they are not so bright.Yes, there are some people who naturally always look for the flaws. [...]

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Problem Solving

If you are going to become really good at finding solutions, you need to be able to remove judgement, stay curious, and remove assumptions.  This article gives you a few ideas on how to do that.  Click Here to Know More If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up [...]

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How Do You Successfully Climb a Mountain?

Assuming you are in shape and have trained for it, you…Research the best trailsUnderstand the obstacles you face to prepare for themIf needed, consult with othersCome equippedTake the first step on the pathYet I find with trying to find solutions people so many people want to jump from the problem –“how will I climb this mountain” [...]

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Barriers Effective Problem Solving.

Are we naturally biased and judgmental?  Your brain is trained to protect you so it limits what it sees, interprets it in your favor, and compares things to what it knows.  You can see how that simple fact can lead to appearing to have bias and judgment.  This article helps you better understand seven problems [...]

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Why Solutions Often Don’t Solve The Problem.

In our Outcome Leadership Program, we have an exercise that shows you how you currently solve problems. We find leaders use a 3 step process that typically solves only a SYMPTOM of the problem. On top of that, the solutions they come up with are usually at a higher cost and more complicated to maintain. [...]

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If You Can’t Do This, You Will Make The Problem Worse.

To be successful at problem-solving you must make sure you are solving the root of the problem not the symptom. I see so many leaders jumping to solve a problem before they understand the problem. When that occurs suddenly new problems crop up. For example, we had a leader add a new scoring system so people [...]

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