How To Define Your Team’s Roles And Create Success?

Did you know what percent of leaders say people issues are their number one frustration? A whopping 83%! The following article does a great job of speaking about how to define your team’s roles and create success. When leaders learn how to use Outcome Thinking® to have their team manage up rather than them managing [...]

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How To Confidently Brand Your Team In The Organization

Enjoy this quick video on how to confidently brand your team in the organization. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our webinar which is taking place next Wednesday! Details and signup link are below. What would you do with more free time and the knowledge that your team is exceeding expectations without [...]

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A Leader’s Job Is Not To Do The Work For Others…

It’s finally here! Our free webinar, “Gain Back Freedom by Building an Aligned Strategic Team” is full of insights into WHY people behave the way they do and HOW to lead towards positive lasting change. If you want to build a team of independent and strategic thinkers who don’t need micromanaging, then be sure [...]

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Blocker #4. All Decisions Seem To Come To You.

When this is happening you become a bottleneck to success. It is literally like you throttle the team. This can happen due to a few things... An underlying current is felt of “you better do this the right way” which happens to be your way. This means, even though you delegate, you are not really [...]

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