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What if they could all get to the heart of the discussion quickly and succinctly and strategically?

With our unique brain-based methodology, Outcome Thinking®, your team learns an integrated platform of communication that is global in application.  They will learn how to remain poised, strategic, and transformational when they speak, negotiate, sell and lead.

You will go beyond behavior to making long-term sustained changes that build a culture of high trust, accountability and integrity.  The consistent comment we hear from CEO’s is, “now they think like I think without me having to be there!  Saves me so much time.”

“Now they think like I think without me having to be there!  Saves me so much time.”

With the option of presentation skills training, strategic leadership development, negotiation skills, and sales training seminars, customization, train-the-trainer and online programs you are sure to find a match to your needs and time to deliver the best results for you.

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I first attended an Outcome Thinking® program for leaders in 2006. Being a pretty successful presenter I wasn’t sure how this program would be different from typical presentation programs. Because we worked with our own presentations and material I found it helped me see more clearly how and why I share information the way I do so that I could then make my own communication more effective.

Outcome Thinking® improved my ability to pull together succinct information, be more authentic in my delivery and helped me speak with more confidence. Because I saw the benefits of this program in my own presentations, I then put my entire team through it.

Since 2006 I continue to send new leaders so they can be more transformational in the way they think, listen and speak. I find that Outcome Thinking® really aligns with my philosophy as a leader as it helps all the leaders to be more open in their thinking so they can be more collaborative and innovative. For me, I find that once people have learned Outcome Thinking® they are less defensive and more open to hearing how they can bring things to the next level in their performance. Their mind is so focused on the others that they hear things in a different way.

In our job working in hospital and clinic settings we need leaders to be able to see how what they say impacts physicians, patients and staff so they say the right thing at the right time.

It is essential that all of our messaging is aligned with our organizational goals and strategic direction- Outcome Thinking® helps them do just that. Matter-of-fact, the difference between those that have learned Outcome Thinking® and those who haven’t gone through it is so easy to distinguish that we can tell if someone is communicating using Outcome Thinking® approaches. If you are a leader looking to get your team to be more independent, more strategic and have a stronger executive presence, Outcome Thinking® is for you.

Megan Remark, Senior Vice President, Specialty Care, HealthPartners

What Outcome Thinking® has allowed me to do is start a process of thinking through an interaction from the stand point of the audience. Even thinking about who makes up that audience and what are the key messages that they are looking to hear so that I can tailor my message more effectively to address what they’re asking.

How has the integration of all the programs impacted your learning and execution?

The three programs that I’ve been through are: Outcome Thinking®, Sales Excavation and ProGOtiation®. The three weave together very nicely. The topics that are covered in Outcome Thinking®, for example, tee you up to think through more effectively some of the ways that you might Threadline™ or might keep in tune with your audience when you’re in a conversation with them which is what we talked about in Sales Excavation®.

In terms of actual negotiations and things like that, one of the things all three bring together in ProGOtiation® is an ability to really prepare for the negotiation. Not from the stand point of playing games or figuring out tactics but instead from the stand point of what is the other side of the table really thinking about, what is their need for an outcome, what is your need for an outcome and how do you turn that nail biting to a way of brainstorming together to make a difference in the congruent solution that you both want to go forward with.

I actually use the techniques on an almost daily basis. I use them in some of my interactions as a manager with the team members that I oversee. I use them as I interact with my executive team to help bring forward new ideas into the organization and new ways of making a difference in getting to good outcomes for our company. And of course, I use them with our clients. A great deal of my time is spent interacting with our customers and making sure that I understand what their needs are and understand how we are able to address those needs in multiple ways.

John Beardsley, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Prime Therapeutics

My first team I sent through Outcome Thinking® because I wanted them to develop more of an Executive Presence & Mindset. When they came back from the program they had a whole difference level of confidence that came out in the way they acted and responded to others. I saw it in the way they were now able to sum up correctly what they heard, Their ability to listen to others and really hear what they were saying or trying to say went to a higher level. This made other business groups feel validated and connected to them. So instead of preaching in “techie terms” they were able to relate to the Business Unit more effectively and become true partners.

I then sent a second group through the ProGOtiations to bump up how they negotiate. I saw them come back and look at negotiations from beyond even the typical “win/win” to looking at how to make both parties successful and build a stronger relationship. They were not antagonistic and were better at articulating their thoughts with higher level executives even. The videotaping was very eye opening as all walked away with how to improve from all levels of communication.

I have found that every time I bring you in and we go through another course, not only does my team move to a higher level, but so do I. Each time I gain a new nugget that just sticks like glue. You go so far beyond public speaking and regular negotiating to really understanding who all the players are and then how all the components of communication from the way you think, act, and speak need to be congruent in order to get the best results. This is one training that every time I bring it in consistently gets ranked by people beyond a 9.3, which for highly intellectual individuals is saying a lot!

Stacy Thomas, Wells Fargo
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