Individual Track – Virtual Executive Presence Training

Learn how to present like executives without spending time in the boardroom.

Imagine speaking with such authenticity and authority that people take action on what you say!

The Outcome Focus® Approach to Managing Your Strategic Message is a two-day interactive strategic thinking and executive presence skills training based on the groundbreaking brain-based Outcome Thinking® Methodology. The training goes beyond behavior and content coaching to help you think, speak, and execute like a C Level Executive. We specialize in highly complex fields like the Healthcare and Finance industries.

From our strategic thinking and executive presence training, you will learn an easy-to-follow system that will teach how to position and frame your message, what content to put in your message, how to simplify the complex, and how to deliver your message so that your audience hears, understands, and takes action on what you say.

How would your life change if whenever you spoke people took action on what you said? What would the blend of authenticity & authority do for you?

Our executive presence seminars are designed for leaders and individuals who want to go beyond behavioral techniques to unleash the full potential of their brain so they speak with authority, authenticity, and integrity at all times.

Outcome Focus® – Managing Your Strategic Message Seminar
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Train with real-life scenarios for maximum applied results.

Here are eight key ways we differ from other executive presence programs:

  • You work & present from your own material or situation
  • Designed for leaders and sales professionals who sell to leaders so you speak like a CEO
  • Focused on the STRATEGY of thinking & speaking, not just the mechanics of talking
  • Applicable to ALL messaging whether it be an email, a meeting, a phone call, a one-on-one conversation, or a formal presentation
  • Proven 4 Step System that is applicable both spoken & written communication
  • Focused Quality Recording both days
  • Designed for easy brain recall, not just classroom learning
  • Work with an Outcome Thinking® Expert, not a facilitator- you will only work with an expert who has run a business, worked with top executives around the world, and deeply embedded in Outcome Thinking®
Get trained like an executive

Think and act like an executive .

If you want to be invited into executive meetings, they need to believe that you think, speak, and act like them.

It isn’t about getting you up to speak multiple times that makes you a great speaker.  It is showing you a formula for taking your thoughts and putting them into a system that generates a clear message every time.

Managing Your Strategic Message Session is such a highly effective program because we spend a lot of time showing you how to think and operate like a C-Level Executive.  Once your thinking changes your body language follows and you will find yourself in a calm zone where you are able to take the complex, simplify it, and then speak it clearly— all whether it is a planned presentation, a question on the fly, or a meeting in the office.

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Get trained like an executive

See what our clients say about us.

Just after attending your Managing Your Message presentation skills seminar, I had a sales presentation. Going in, I knew my client didn’t have a lot of budget or plans to change IT within the company, but did have concerns about growing needs without dollars allocated to match. I applied what I learned in the seminar and completely changed my approach, not only to my presentation, but also to the way I approached IT solutions. As a result, the client went from not knowing how these demands would be met, to having a comprehensive 4-Year IT strategy in place, all built around a fixed expenditure well within their budget. This approach led to closing the biggest deal of my career so far with my company – a 420K+ sale!

Dallas McMillen, Davenport Group

If you had ever told me a group could transform their presentation skills so much after just two-days I never would have believed it. The power of sustaining it afterword’s with your long-term coaching/HOT sessions has caused everyone to constantly apply this way of thinking. Our discussions, meetings, and trust have gone to such a higher level. As a Vice President that makes my job so much easier. We no longer avoid the elephant in the room!

Tricia Dege, HealthPartners

Anne, I just had to call you today to share with you the success I have found using the Outcome Focus Approach to Presentation skills training in my big client meeting. The meeting was a huge success! We walked ADDING $10 million of additional business with them! My company is thrilled and the client is thrilled. Anne, in the past I would have focused on what we wanted and how to get it. I can’t believe how much Outcome Thinking has made in impact in growing my business and my relationships by focusing me on the Outcome instead of the process. Thanks a million…or make that $10 million!

John Hefner, Associated Hygienic