The Outcome Thinking® Inner Circle

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The Outcome Thinking® Inner Circle brings you pragmatic solutions that help you:

  • Gain back 30% of your time to do what you want and be with your family.
  • Build an Onboarding System that ramps up employees in just 30 days.
  • Quickly get to the root of a problem so you don’t solve a symptom and create a new problem.
  • Create reviews with an action plan for improvement that employees will embrace.
  • Format for letting people go and having them feel good about the company and themselves.
  • Let employees have tough discussions with each other without involving you.
  • Hire strategically so you are not “surprised” or feel that the person you hired “duped” you.
  • Set up your Employee Handbook so it is a “welcome” into your practice rather than a “list of rules” for them to follow.
  • Why invent the wheel when you can quickly build a more strategic team with a proven methodology?

But this program is not for everyone.

It is for those who …

  • Want to invest only a couple of hours a month to gain back 600 hours over the course of the year.
  • Are willing to change so they can get the office they want and the cookbook on how to do it.
  • Want to get employees up to speed quickly and not waste 3/4‘s of a person’s pay training only to have them not work out.

To know if this is or isn’t right for you, take this quick quiz.