Need A Clean Slate With Someone?

We have all had either those meetings or individuals where things just didn’t go as planned. Then you find that elephant continues to enter the room each time you meet with the person. We just recently worked with a leadership team that had a major fail on a large-scale project in the past. They were [...]

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Have A Complex Topic To Cover And You Need People To Comprehend It?

The more complex a topic is the more you need to do two things: 1. Use stories and analogies to anchor your points and make it easy for others to comprehend. 2. Keep your slides tight. Have them build so you only have people focused on what you are currently talking about. The worst mistake [...]

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In An Interview How Do You Know You Are Getting Substance And Not Just Charisma?

I can’t tell you how many leaders we work with that say “she/he interviewed so well, I don’t know what went wrong!” They are frustrated that what they believed the person said they could do doesn’t match their performance. This happens because a person’s brain recalls events as they INTERPRETED them, not as they really [...]

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What Is Wrong With These Openings For Questions?

Are you aware… Did you know that... Both of these openers can feel like you are gently guiding and inquiring without being assumptive. However, they both start with the premise of “I don’t believe you do know this information.” For the other person, they sound like a challenge and are irritating. Try instead to use a [...]

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Why May Your Ideas Not Get Traction When You Share Them?

There is nothing more frustrating than pitching a great idea and you hear only crickets. Well, actually what is more frustrating is when someone later says your exact same idea and everyone jumps on it. So what happened? Why did your idea not get heard? This is a more common problem than you think. We [...]

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How To Know If Someone You Are Speaking To Is Interested In What You Are Saying?

I find this one sign is often overlooked by people, yet it will tell you right away if they are in or out. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have been in where either the executive or the buyer gave this sign and the person presenting just kept going. The reason you miss the [...]

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