Want To Remove Judgement?

It is easy to judge as your brain likes to believe “your way” is the right way. So, you and your experiences become the measuring stick for interpreting other people’s actions. The scary thing is this can easily let you slide into being righteous and stereotyping. So, before you respond to a situation ask yourself: [...]

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Have You Ever Noticed, How When You Ask People What Do You Do.

Some people light up and you can feel how they love their work while can do nothing but complain about their work? Well, I decided years ago to start seeing if there was a correlation between the person’s imagination of what they wanted to be when they grew up and what profession they were currently [...]

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Want To Get Your Team “Less Sensitive” To Getting Feedback?

Since your brain is designed to protect you, it traditionally sees feedback as a bad thing as it means you messed up. One way to help your team shift to seeing feedback as just data and not anything personal is to get them used to debrief on a regular basis. This allows them to put [...]

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When Speaking To The C Suite, What Is The Best Way To Convey Confidence?

Even though you spend 90% of your time trying to frame the message you are going to say, intuitively the C Suite is reading your body language to decide whether to say yes or no to you. Some things that convey strength are- Relaxed squared shoulders. Not rounded down or slouching and not rigid like [...]

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What Is One Sign That Shows You Are Insecure with your decision?

Your body language is ALWAYS tied to your thinking. Change your thinking and you automatically change your body language something that amazes all that go through our No Sweat Tough Talk Program! People who are hesitant about their message almost always “fig leaf” at some point during their presentation. This fig leaf is a sure [...]

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