People Need to Know at Any Given Moment if They are Communicating in a Way That Takes Them to a Positive Resolution or if They are Leading in a Way that Makes Things Fall Apart.

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Problem Solving Strategies

You have a leader Rob in Europe who is not performing to your standards. It appears that he works in one direction and then seems to switch and work in another direction. He reports to the SR VP at corporate in the United States but since that corporate leader is not over in Europe you have [...]

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Having you ever been presenting an idea and you suddenly get peppered with questions that feel like the person is saying “this won’t work?”

Frustrating, isn’t it? For most leaders this is the time when their face shuts down, they drop their head or cross their arms, take a deep breath and then talk to the person like they are an obstacle or that they are not so bright.Yes, there are some people who naturally always look for the flaws. [...]

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