Strategic Thinking: Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Team Culture

“Anyone can follow a pre-established recipe. It takes expert strategic thinkers, though, to know when that recipe is no longer working. “ Doug Staneart  I love that quote from this article as it clearly states the value that strategic thinkers bring to your organization.  This article will help you see the critical ingredients needed to build [...]

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Building a Team Culture

What if you could get a 202 percent increase out of your team?  What could you accomplish? Building a team culture can give you just that.  But how do you do that?  You need to have consistent values, rewards for team behavior, a platform of thinking which helps all be less defensive and more collaborative, [...]

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Want a Great Team Culture? Would You Love to Know If Your Team Would Go to the Wall for You If They Had To?

That kind of dedication doesn’t just happen; you as the leader create it.  You do that by showing your team how to have strong values. You do it by showing them you value ALL of them.  You do it by living the values daily. This article is going to help you determine what your current [...]

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