The Art Of Negotiation: 15 Tips For Business Leaders To Master

Why does thinking “win-win” when negotiating lead to good results? When you think “win-win” your brain shifts to feeling it is a game and you don’t want to lose. This is the only part I differ from this article on. Don’t think of it as a game but instead think of it as a brainstorming [...]

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If You Are Going to Have A Smooth Negotiation, Put The Right People At The Table.

I often find negotiations go sideways because people are not cognizant of the different brain styles out there and they will put the wrong people at the table. In our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program we spend time helping you understand exactly how people think and why it differs from you. It is important you understand [...]

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6 Negotiation Skills All Professionals Can Benefit From

Pay attention to points 3 and 4 in this article.  I have found these two to be the ones that can most impact the results of a negotiation. Most conduct a negotiation trying to strip value; you want to negotiate with adding value in mind to achieve outstanding results.  Click Here to Know More [...]

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What If I Told You That 70% of All Negotiations Never Really Needed to Happen in the First Place…

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Test the theory out and see how many negotiations really start due to... A Misunderstanding A comment that appeared judgmental A statement that tossed blame another way An inability to own up to mistakes A perception one side had that really is not true So many negotiations start because people draw [...]

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“Is It Possible to Actually Get More in a Negotiation Than You Thought Possible AND Have a Stronger Relationship?”

That is what a client asked us after we helped them with a negotiation, they thought would cost them a minimum of $9 million and they walked away with an under $2 million settlement and a new $50 million in business.  Now, how they did this is not through games or trickery.  Negotiations are nothing [...]

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Negotiation Team Strategy.

I must be straightforward and tell you I don’t even like the word “negotiate” because it lands in the brain negatively.  Matter-of-fact, we teach out-to ProGOtiate to help you build a mindset that brings the best out on both sides even in adversarial situations.  What I do like in this article is the bridge concept.  [...]

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