Want To Get Your Team “Less Sensitive” To Getting Feedback?

Since your brain is designed to protect you, it traditionally sees feedback as a bad thing as it means you messed up. One way to help your team shift to seeing feedback as just data and not anything personal is to get them used to debrief on a regular basis. This allows them to put [...]

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What Is One Sign That Shows You Are Insecure with your decision?

Your body language is ALWAYS tied to your thinking. Change your thinking and you automatically change your body language something that amazes all that go through our No Sweat Tough Talk Program! People who are hesitant about their message almost always “fig leaf” at some point during their presentation. This fig leaf is a sure [...]

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Why Solutions Often Don’t Solve The Problem.

In our Outcome Leadership Program, we have an exercise that shows you how you currently solve problems. We find leaders use a 3 step process that typically solves only a SYMPTOM of the problem. On top of that, the solutions they come up with are usually at a higher cost and more complicated to maintain. [...]

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Wondering How Much Detail To Put In To A Talk?

Have you ever wondered why “back of the cocktail napkins” are so effective? It is because they contain very little on details but a lot on the what and why. I know it may seem counterintuitive, but the reality is that the more details you put in a presentation the more you confuse your audience. [...]

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Why Do You turn Red When You Speak At a High Level Event?

The reason this happens is that your brain has learned a “response pattern” to an event. Then, any time an “event” happens that is similar to it, your brain will automatically generate the chemical reaction in your body. So, in order to stop the red from showing up, you actually need to figure out what [...]

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When Have Things Fallen Apart But Later You Realized It Was Just Things Falling In Place for You?

My most recent was Covid. My business was virtual and live programs. Covid helped me to make a complete pivot and put all of our virtual/live programs online. The beauty is client’s love it as many of our clients have teams all around the world. Being able to do our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program online [...]

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Need A Clean Slate With Someone?

We have all had either those meetings or individuals where things just didn’t go as planned. Then you find that elephant continues to enter the room each time you meet with the person. We just recently worked with a leadership team that had a major fail on a large-scale project in the past. They were [...]

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