Do Less, Gain More Employee Accountability

There is a strange phenomenon I find among leaders--they are often causing their own greatest problems by trying to do something nice. I often see leaders who realize their workers are over taxed and so the leader steps in to help out.  Seems admirable on the cover but unfortunately it often has dire unintended consequences. See [...]

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When An Employee Fires You As A Leader

I have fallen in love with watching the show The Profit.  I love how Marcus focuses on three simple things--people, process and product.  In one episode an owner had almost all his employees turnover on him within 5 weeks.  As the owner stood there blabbering about why each person left, Marcus just stopped him and said,"You [...]

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How To Answer Tough Questions

Learn how to answer a tough question whether during a presentation, negotiation or facilitating a meeting. Watch Now… as Anne shares an example of how to address a question when you’re presenting. “I want Anne to share with me..” Get a personalized Video Blog that answers YOUR burning questions! While other companies make generic video blogs, [...]

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How to make a tough decision more easily

As a leader you are constantly being asked to make tough decisions. The following are typical themes I hear when leaders are having to make a tough decision- "I am not sure how Mary will feel about it," "Tom might take it the wrong way," "Jim's a great guy but I am not sure he can [...]

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Dealing With Unclear; Changing Workflows

What can you do to manage a constant workflow that changes and it has unclear direction? I love this question because it is one that no matter what your level is in a company you can deal with this effectively. First of all you want to realize that constant changes in workflow and unclear direction usually [...]

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What is Happening with High Potential Employees?

Struggling with getting people to take action on what you’re trying to get them to do? Watch Now… as Anne shares a strategic presentation and leadership skills tip with what you need to do in order for people to take action. “I want Anne to share with me..” Get a personalized Video Blog that answers YOUR [...]

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Presentation Skills Tips – 3 Ways to Grab Listener’s Attention

Steve Jobs was a master at it.  He built suspense from the first time he emerged with his Mac in a bag to one of the last times we saw him speak about the new iPhone. Most people don't know how to build suspense, capture interest and move the audience.  Whenever you speak you should be [...]

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The Top Three Presentation Mistakes Made in Front of the Room

Having strong presentations skills – being able to share your ideas and point of view with several people at once – can make all the difference in a person’s career, or a company’s success. That’s because the men and women who make the blockbuster sales, get the big promotion, or direct the organization all have one [...]

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