The Importance Of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork (as proven by science) 10 benefits of teamwork I encourage you to read this article work-life by @Atlassian to find out ways you can grow yourself as an individual while working in a team. Now more than ever teamwork is what we need to be successful – and these scientific studies [...]

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How To Get Your Leader To Invest In You And Your Career?

Do you have the attributes that make Senior Leaders desire to promote you? Most people think what gets you promoted is your ability to do technical things. But the reality is the leaders that clients promote are the ones that know how to THINK through things rather than just about them. In this great article [...]

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How to Get Senior Leaders Invested in Promoting You

Our free webinar is tomorrow! Today is the last day to register, if you are tired of not being heard by senior management come join us. We will share the one thing they hate that leaders often do and how to have them see you as an equal.. If seats are still available, you will [...]

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Employee Alignment

Alignment is critical if you want to have high execution. When leaders align with Outcome Thinking® they are able to have more frank conversations that people respond positively even if the situation is a tough one. Did you know that $37 billion is the estimated cost of mistakes due to miscommunication? You can’t afford that [...]

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How Can You Set The Stage With Your Executive Team?

You want to make sure they see you are aligned with the corporate goals. Show how what your team is doing aligns with one of the key goals your company is trying to accomplish. Don’t try to show how accomplished you or your team are, but rather how you will help the corporation achieve what [...]

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How To Confidently Brand Your Team In The Organization

Enjoy this quick video on how to confidently brand your team in the organization. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our webinar which is taking place next Wednesday! Details and signup link are below. What would you do with more free time and the knowledge that your team is exceeding expectations without [...]

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Blocker #3 Lack Of Follow Through.

Ah, this one is a sneaky one. It can be caused by a few things such as… No consequences if a person doesn’t follow through. Lack of consequences by you as a leader means there is no conviction behind the process. Be committed to any process you set up. Lack of easy to retain training. [...]

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