How To Confidently Brand Your Team In The Organization

Enjoy this quick video on how to confidently brand your team in the organization. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our webinar which is taking place next Wednesday! Details and signup link are below. What would you do with more free time and the knowledge that your team is exceeding expectations without [...]

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Blocker #3 Lack Of Follow Through.

Ah, this one is a sneaky one. It can be caused by a few things such as… No consequences if a person doesn’t follow through. Lack of consequences by you as a leader means there is no conviction behind the process. Be committed to any process you set up. Lack of easy to retain training. [...]

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Blocker #2 To A Strategic Team…

Source: Rafik / iStock / Getty Fear of loss of knowledge on the team. When you, the leader, fear losing someone you will almost always start “bending” the rules for that person. You may let them do a process slightly different from others. Or you may give them a pass on something they [...]

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Where Do Most Leaders Hold Stress?

Most stress gets stored in the body in the gut or brain, which is why so many leaders get ulcers or headaches. Stress also, interestingly enough, tends to hit the body part that correlates to what is stressing you out. So for example, if you are having problems taking strides with a new project you [...]

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Want To Get Your Team “Less Sensitive” To Getting Feedback?

Since your brain is designed to protect you, it traditionally sees feedback as a bad thing as it means you messed up. One way to help your team shift to seeing feedback as just data and not anything personal is to get them used to debrief on a regular basis. This allows them to put [...]

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What Is One Sign That Shows You Are Insecure with your decision?

Your body language is ALWAYS tied to your thinking. Change your thinking and you automatically change your body language something that amazes all that go through our No Sweat Tough Talk Program! People who are hesitant about their message almost always “fig leaf” at some point during their presentation. This fig leaf is a sure [...]

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Why Solutions Often Don’t Solve The Problem.

In our Outcome Leadership Program, we have an exercise that shows you how you currently solve problems. We find leaders use a 3 step process that typically solves only a SYMPTOM of the problem. On top of that, the solutions they come up with are usually at a higher cost and more complicated to maintain. [...]

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