The Importance Of Thinking Strategically, Not Transactionally.

Do you have some people on your team that are great at executing transactionally, but you want them to be more strategic? Use this article to spur a conversation with them on what they do that is more transactional and what they can do to be more strategic. Then talk about ways you can support [...]

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How can Strategic Thinking Help you Adapt to Changing Customer Needs?

We typically think of strategic thinking as a process in and of itself.  But in reality, it is an application, alignment, and insight we need to apply in multiple situations.  The biggest factor is it requires you to be able to suspend judgment and always look for the greater good.  This article will help you [...]

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How Strategic Thinkers Keep An Eye On The Customer

Do you really know why your customers come to you? I was going to be speaking to some high-level executives in a very conservative financial company.  The woman asking me to speak kept looking at me uncomfortably.  Finally, I asked her, “Is there anything I can do that will make you feel this will come [...]

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Create Strategic Thinking And Mindset In Your Workforce

Watchpoint number four and ask yourself, “How is my team doing in executing this?”  It can make a huge difference to your team's results. Click Here to Know More If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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Strategic Thinking in the Workplace

The most visible difference between tactical thinkers and strategic thinkers is their ability to anticipate.  It is what makes tactical thinkers stick to a “to do” list rather than to re-prioritize or be surprised by events that are not planned, or not think about who to inform about things.    This article lists five other [...]

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Strategic Thinking: Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Team Culture

“Anyone can follow a pre-established recipe. It takes expert strategic thinkers, though, to know when that recipe is no longer working. “ Doug Staneart  I love that quote from this article as it clearly states the value that strategic thinkers bring to your organization.  This article will help you see the critical ingredients needed to build [...]

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