With Risk Goes Reward. Thomas Edison Once Said That 90% of All Failures Would Have Succeeded If They’d Kept on Trying. Stretch a Little today. Reach a Little Further Than You Have Before. Look For a New Way To Reach The Fruit

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How To Define Your Team’s Roles And Create Success?

Did you know what percent of leaders say people issues are their number one frustration? A whopping 83%! The following article does a great job of speaking about how to define your team’s roles and create success. When leaders learn how to use Outcome Thinking® to have their team manage up rather than them managing [...]

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There Are Many Ways To Fail: Not Taking A Chance Seems To Be The Most Successful.

This one always hits me in the gut as I think back on times I didn’t take the chance.  Those are the times I regret.   I remember one time asking 5 different boys to a junior high dance.  Well, they were all taken or waiting for someone else to ask them.  I remember being bummed with the first two.  Then [...]

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