Difference Between Speaking Up And Speaking Out.

Speaking up is about giving voice to thoughts, concerns, ideas, wants, issues— it is always a good idea to learn how to speak up. I find many leaders stop speaking up if they feel there are too many levels between them and the top leaders. Don’t do that! Leaders always want to hear your voice [...]

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What Is One Sign That Shows You Are Insecure with your decision?

Your body language is ALWAYS tied to your thinking. Change your thinking and you automatically change your body language something that amazes all that go through our No Sweat Tough Talk Program! People who are hesitant about their message almost always “fig leaf” at some point during their presentation. This fig leaf is a sure [...]

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Wondering How Much Detail To Put In To A Talk?

Have you ever wondered why “back of the cocktail napkins” are so effective? It is because they contain very little on details but a lot on the what and why. I know it may seem counterintuitive, but the reality is that the more details you put in a presentation the more you confuse your audience. [...]

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Why Do You turn Red When You Speak At a High Level Event?

The reason this happens is that your brain has learned a “response pattern” to an event. Then, any time an “event” happens that is similar to it, your brain will automatically generate the chemical reaction in your body. So, in order to stop the red from showing up, you actually need to figure out what [...]

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Why May Your Ideas Not Get Traction When You Share Them?

There is nothing more frustrating than pitching a great idea and you hear only crickets. Well, actually what is more frustrating is when someone later says your exact same idea and everyone jumps on it. So what happened? Why did your idea not get heard? This is a more common problem than you think. We [...]

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How To Know If Someone You Are Speaking To Is Interested In What You Are Saying?

I find this one sign is often overlooked by people, yet it will tell you right away if they are in or out. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have been in where either the executive or the buyer gave this sign and the person presenting just kept going. The reason you miss the [...]

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Take Today To Make One Person’s Life Brighter.

I remember the first time I decided to hand out three genuine compliments a day. I was amazed at how excited people got about the compliments. It made me realize that we often point out the flaws and mistakes but rarely point out all the good. How good are you at complimenting your team? Especially with [...]

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The Best Way To Conquer Fears…

Your hippocampus is the part of your brain that stores all your past successes and failures and the STORIES your brain has attached to them. Every time an event happens in your life your brain reviews it as positive or negative BASED on the past experience that most closely correlates. In other words, you are always [...]

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