That kind of dedication doesn’t just happen; you as the leader create it.  You do that by showing your team how to have strong values. You do it by showing them you value ALL of them.  You do it by living the values daily.

This article is going to help you determine what your current team culture is so you can see why things may be off.  If you want a highly accountable team, then you need to give them great control and you have to have consequences that are clearly followed.  We once had a CEO that had two top sales performers.  He was trying to get the entire Sales Team to follow a new CRM and process.  The top 2 salespeople refused to follow it and for two years the CEO let them be.  When we worked with them, I shared that the new CRM and process don’t exist as a value if he lets these two always do what they want.  So, he called them in and said they had to follow the process. Both quit.  As you can imagine he was furious with us as these two did over 50% of their business.  Well…fast forward one year and their sales were up over 30%!  Why? The other salespeople always held back due to the two salespeople dominating.  But when all were using the CRM system and process the company was in synch and sales floored.  Make sure your actions align with your values! 

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