How to make a tough decision more easily

As a leader you are constantly being asked to make tough decisions. The following are typical themes I hear when leaders are having to make a tough decision- "I am not sure how Mary will feel about it," "Tom might take it the wrong way," "Jim's a great guy but I am not sure he can [...]

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When The Right Thing Is Said At The Wrong Time

I love the saying "The outcome of a rain dance is completely dependent on the timing". Meaning that you will get rain if you time your rain dance with when it is suppose to rain. Getting results to a tough message is much like a rain dance--the results are very dependent on the timing. Most people [...]

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Leadership Skills Tip: Are You A High Perceptive?

As leaders you are constantly faced with being "on" for your team. Your brain literally needs to be charged continuously. Leadership Skills Tip: People who are highly strategic tend to also be high perceptive people. High perceptive people notice nuances that others miss- body language and emotional cues from others. According to Paul ORadde about 15-20% [...]

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Executive Presence – Can You Turn People’s Mind?

One of the real skills of someone with strong Executive Presence is the ability to get people to see a situation from a completely new angle so they are able to change their mind and save face. Executive Presence Tip - one of the great ways to do this is to become aware of how to [...]

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Leadership Values – When Right Is Wrong

My daughter and I love watching Charmed- the television show about the three witches. In one episode Phoebe is about to be put to death for killing someone who it turned out was not a good man and her sisters are frantically trying to free her. Phoebe accepted she had to die and said to her [...]

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Executive Presence – Are You Giving Up Your Power?

Executive Presence is the ability to capture the respect, trust and confidence of an audience quickly and cleanly.  There are many components to Executive Presence that we teach but the one I will focus on now is one I find is often elusive for people. No one wants to give up their power but I find [...]

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What is Value?

I was reading the newsletter from the Professional Sales Association last week and I saw a formula for value that I wanted to share with you.  It was stated that price is what you pay when you buy,cost is what happens if you do not, value is the difference.  Cost - Price = Value.  Such a [...]

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