Sunrise or Sunset? Which Helps You When?

Whenever you are negotiating I want you to think of the negotiation like a sunrise. Your goal is to get all the information, facts, and assumptions out on the table. This allows you to clearly see the playing field and what stands in the way of reaching the outcome desired. I always assume I only know [...]

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Why Would Someone Who Has Been A Leader For Many Years Ever Need Coaching Or Leadership Classes?

It seems logical that someone that has been a leader for many years and moves up to the next level should be just fine without coaching, right? But here is what I see happen. Companies come to us saying things like “Amanda was our rockstar. Now we just promoted her again and she is floundering. We [...]

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Did You Know That 95 Percent Of A Person’s Behavior, Feeling, And Responses Are Habitual?

So what does this mean? It means that if you want to change a person’s actions, attitude, or spoken and written responses, you have to get to the “habit” (automatic response and action that person’s brain has created as a habit) in order to get lasting change. This is why a meeting where you “tell” someone [...]

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