Alignment of Your Brand Values to Client Needs.

Values are modeled and not taught.  Your brand values should be ones clients can feel in each interaction they have with anyone on your team.  This article helps you see how to build statements that show the values you and your team will honor which makes you worthy of working with. Click Here to [...]

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Culture Starts & Ends With You: The Importance Of Defining Your Personal Culture

If I asked 10 different people to share 6-8 words that describe you, would they all land on similar types of words?  If you have strong positive values then the answer would be yes. Want to test whether you are living your values? Then ask people to use 8-10 words to describe you.  Collect them [...]

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How to Strengthen Team Problem-Solving Skills?

You will notice how Art Petty helps you see, what you may be doing as a leader that is causing the team to not solve problems at a higher level.  Go through the list and check the ones you do and then put a game plan together of how to change your actions in order [...]

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