What Word Does The Brain Never Seem To Hear?

Ironically it is a common first word those children learn early on. When the brain “hears” this word it tends to REMOVE the word from the sentence and that new sentence becomes what the brain tries to fulfill. You see, you have a critical voice in your mind that talks to you. It generally uses the voice of a 4-year-old. So, it is not very sophisticated UNLESS you actively work on growing it. The word the brain removes is NOT. Just for this week see how many times you give instructions to your team by telling them what NOT [...]

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Your Greatest Success Often Comes From…

Your greatest failures. Did you know the brain actually LEARNS from failures? It is an intricate part of the brain’s mechanism that helps it grow. The problem is how we view failure. We often see it as something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Starting today, see failures as your PATH FORWARD. They are nothing more than experiments that did not work. They do not define you. You define yourself. So, what is a great success you had that you now see came from a great bump in the road for you? Set a schedule for an Exploratory Call [...]

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Are You Celebrating The Wrong Thing?

Typically, we celebrate with our team the successes we have had. Yes, those are great but those are NOT the building blocks. The true building blocks to future successes are the thinking and skills we developed through our failures and our courage to continue. So, next time you celebrate with your team, look together where you have come. Look at the obstacles you overcame. Look at the blockers and creative ways you all used resilience and courage to overcome things. Share someone’s name who you have seen exemplify great courage to achieve great things by never letting their setbacks [...]

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Need Motivation?

The ability to self-motivate is a wonderful trait to develop. Notice I didn’t say “have” but rather to develop. That is because motivation comes from a way of thinking and every person can find it for themselves. I would love to know (outside of family) what motivates you? For me there are a few things: 1. Quotes that cause me to stop and think (hence why I love our Daily Motivations!) 2. Music that lifts my soul 3. Books that shift my thinking What are your top three? Set a schedule for an Exploratory Call Now! [...]

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Do You Talk To Yourself?

Literally, we all do talk to ourselves. The scary thing is our internal voice is usually formed by age four. So, the key to growth and change is to continually update that voice in our head so it becomes more sophisticated and better able to manage tough situations. To do that uncovers some unraveling of past stories in your life. We once had a leader who was so loved by his team. His new position required him to negotiate with vendors and he struggled with it. It seemed he would completely lose his voice when he tried to negotiate. [...]

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What Must Happen To Make Lasting Behavior Change

In traditional feedback communication, you share what a person is doing really well and what they can improve on. The standard belief is that once given this information a person will change their behavior to improve what needs to be. However, that is not usually the case. Instead, you find year after year you are often telling them the same thing. It can feel like beating your head against the wall. The reason this happens is behavior is an output- a result of both emotion and thinking. The only way to change behavior long-term is to get to the [...]

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Getting To The Core…

If you have ever been frustrated trying to unravel a “he said/she said" situation and gotten confused, you are not alone. It is very easy to have a situation escalate so that, as a leader, you are reacting to a symptom down the road rather than getting to the core. As a leader, you have to walk back calmly through things so you get back to the core of the issue. Easy way to do this? 1. State the outcome desired by both parties so it is clear what you are working towards 2. Ask clarifying questions to get all [...]

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What Would You Like To Change?

Have you noticed how the easiest people to coach are those that don’t have blinders on? People who are willing to see themselves with their flaws, love themselves, and still be able to say, “Hey I need to change this". The hard ones are the people who blame, deflect, and defend their behavior. It is almost impossible to change them as they can’t accept that part of who they are. So, take a moment to think about the criticism you are “sensitive to” as that is telling you it is something you haven’t accepted in yourself. Then, think about [...]

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What Was Your Biggest Moment Of Shift In Your Thinking?

Mine was traveling to Europe for the first time at 13 years old. Drinks came without ice. We had three changes in currency in three days going from Switzerland to Germany to Austria. American food was translated to mean cook in a lot of greases. Languages changed as fast as the currency changed. All in all, it translated into my mind to see how different we all could be and how we could be the same. I realized that what I grew up with isn’t the standard, it is just my norm. My norm doesn’t mean if others in [...]

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Want To Remove Judgement?

It is easy to judge as your brain likes to believe “your way” is the right way. So, you and your experiences become the measuring stick for interpreting other people’s actions. The scary thing is this can easily let you slide into being righteous and stereotyping. So, before you respond to a situation ask yourself: Am I reacting because what was done goes against my values? What facts do I NOT know but I should know before I jump to conclusions? Are there any assumptions I am making? Then, step back and see if you can remove the judgement [...]

Have You Ever Noticed, How When You Ask People What Do You Do.

Some people light up and you can feel how they love their work while can do nothing but complain about their work? Well, I decided years ago to start seeing if there was a correlation between the person’s imagination of what they wanted to be when they grew up and what profession they were currently in. What I found was the people who were joyous were doing something today that was related to what they wanted to be when they were a child. The people who were complaining were not in a job even close to what they wanted [...]

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How Did Your Mom Influence You?

Mother’s Day has passed but not the chance to honor how our Moms have influenced us. My Mom was a big influencer on me (and no that is not a picture of my Mom and me) I remember her having me stand up to a teacher that was treating me unfairly. She said to me, “you don’t always have to be the oldest in the room to be the wisest.” I also remember her marching me back to school when I took crayons from school. Now I didn’t think I was stealing. I helped clean up and I took [...]

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Number Five- Fasting & Focus

In January I started doing OMAD fasting. So, I fast 19 hours and open my eating window from 4-9 pm. I honestly thought this would be really hard to do as I am a breakfast gal. I love it! I don’t have to even think about food until dinner time. I have more energy during the day. (That one seems counter-intuitive to me, but I really do). Hardest part? Getting enough fruit in as I used to do my fruit in the morning. I am finding I am more focused, productive, and better able to manage food impulses with [...]

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Well, If That Picture Doesn’t Catch Your Eye, I Don’t Know What Will.

There is a funny story and lesson with it. A woman was buying a lot of cosmetics. She was telling the shipper “oh my I better get home before my husband sees the box and opens it!” So, the seller put this funny note on the box. Of course, the husband did NOT open it. It made me laugh. The lesson is, what can you do that satisfies your customers' needs without them asking you for it? This clever seller solved a customer’s problem in a humorous way. As a leader, you have to look at the “hidden” things [...]

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Number Four- Know Your Optimum Brain State

My prime time is in the morning- before I have prioritized my day. During that time I have 3 rituals- 1. Do yoga to soften the muscles and steady my breathing. Even just 15 minutes can make a difference. 2. Read something spiritual or mentally uplifting. One of my favorites right now is Happy Pocketful of Money. It just gets me smiling as it is all about beliefs. 3. Listen to a song that makes me start to rock out. Current favorite is Great Day by Eddie from Ohio. These three rituals get my mind relaxed, my body prepared, [...]

Number Three— What I Do To Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity

Every day is ended in the same way with two traditions, one of which I will share here. I take my ten fingers and count out 10 moments or people that I am grateful for that day. I try to stick to the day only. I find that by the time I am on my second hand I am having to think deeper about the day. It challenges me to find gratitude in tough moments as well as celebratory moments. By the time you get to the 10th finger, you realize even a bad day has good moments. Click [...]

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What Would You Change?

I have found out this last year with the pandemic and the winter cold, I became a bit of a sloth at night. I would come home from work and then plop myself in front of the tv after dinner. Now dealing with the world and what we are going through and the fact that Minnesota is a frozen Tundra from November to April, I gave myself a pass. That was until I read this quote. No, I would not want to exist this same way for the next 20-30 years. So, I started a list of what I need [...]

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Number Two In “What Habits I Have” To Reduce Stress.

Stress is one of the number one things that cause illness in leaders. Even when we think we are managing stress, we often aren’t. So each day, I make sure I take some quiet time to breathe. I plant my feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in and then push that breath to your waist, hips, thighs, and then out your feet. This small breathing exercise literally “resets” your brain. It takes all the stress right out of your body. Doing it a few times during the day will remove the stress from your shoulders and back [...]

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I Am Often Asked By Leaders What Are The Habits I Do To Work Less And Accomplish More.

This next series will share what are some of the things I do. Number one- Strategic Time I carve out one hour per day that is my strategic hour. I will take no meetings during that time, I won’t answer employee questions, I won’t answer emails, or take phone calls. I do it at the same time every day. What this allows your brain to do is to get very deep into thinking about a problem, issue, or opportunity with no interruptions. Each time you allow an interruption it takes your brain 18 times as long to get to that [...]

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Where Is The Greatest Results?

If you want to be in the C Suite you need to be able to THINK like a C Suite Executive. I find so many leaders believe that once they are in the next position, they will be able to do great things. But the truth is, to do great things, all you need to change is your thinking. The above quote demonstrates how changing yourself is the fastest way to changing the world. So today, think about what things you need to change: Are you too quick to judge? Are you impatient? Do you lack faith in your [...]

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