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Presentation Skills Tip # 3 – Eliminate Awkward Pauses

Here is Presentation Skills Tip number three in our strategic manage your message series: I have a friend that had one of his speeches recorded.  When he got it back he was impressed with how smoothly it all went, see he really thought he had conquered the problem and that he spoke that day without any awkward sounds or pauses…. until he got the “out takes”.   The sound company had cut all of his “ahs,” “umms,” and awkward throat clearings and then put them on one video file for him.  It ran for almost 9 minutes straight of those awkward [...]

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Presentation Skills Tip # 4 – Body Language

Here is HOT Tip #4 in the strategic presentation skills series -  Make sure your posture and body language enhance your presentation Your posture should convey confidence, poise, and credibility. In order to do this your shoulders should be slightly back, your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet, your legs should be no further apart than your shoulder width, and your hands should be either at your side, at your waist, or one hand at your waist one at your side. Make sure your shoulders are not stiff and square, don’t turtle your head forward, don’t stare or [...]

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The Importance of Setting Clear Expectations During Your Presentation

This is presentation skills Tip #6 in the strategic presentation skills series: In order for others to clearly act on what you said they need to clearly understand the “why” of what they are doing.  So be clear about WHY you are presenting and HOW you expect the listener to utilize what you share.  Keep it simple and focused on the audience, not you. For example, there is a big difference in what I will say if I am looking to have you grow sales with new accounts versus if I want you to grow existing accounts.  The activities I [...]

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Want to Influence More Sales?

Imagine ending with your largest sales year ever.  What would that feel like?  What would it do to your life? If you want to make this year your best year ever, there are a few things you need to do.  In this blog I am going to address the complex sale as most of our clients tend to have a product or service that requires a more lengthy sales process, a shattering of past beliefs, and a desire for the client to see you as a trusted partner, not a vendor. The more complex your sale is the more the [...]

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Presentation Skills Tip #7: Why Scripting Turns Your Brain To Mush

Here is Presentation Skills Tip #7 in the strategic presentation skills series: Have you ever gotten ready to do a big presentation and you script it all out? What happens that makes that NOT work? When you script something out your brain literally “reads” it in your mind before you say it.  So if you hit a wrong word your brain “freezes” on you and it can take a long while to get back on track. For your audience scripting can make you seem flat because your voice may become more stagnate or you can seem unauthentic because you seem [...]

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The Best Ways Leaders Can Influence Others in the Workplace

Remember as a child when you ran out of the house in the middle of winter and your parents yelled out, "Put your hat on!" Of course, I was one of those children that was wrapped so tight with a scarf around my forehead, mouth and nose so all you saw was a slit of eyes and puff ball coming at you.  My Mom was going to make sure ALL the heat stayed in!! I remember hearing over and over the fact that you lose 70% of your heat from the top of your head so you need to keep it covered.  [...]

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Beliefs That Block When Dealing With Coflict!

The majority of people handle conflict poorly. This stems from three fundamental beliefs that block you in handling conflict. In conflict you must get the person to see and, best case scenario, agree with your side in order to resolve the conflict. You must get the person to understand where they are wrong and you are right. All conflict needs to be resolved so we are at peace as a team. For more details on these three beliefs that block click here to view Anne Warfield’s article Three Beliefs That Block Your Effectiveness With Conflict. Learn more about strategic communication [...]

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How to Deal With Someone Who Interrupts You During Your Presentation

Here is Tip #5 in our strategic presentation skills series. When a person continually stops you with questions when you are giving a presentation, you can end up losing your pacing and losing the rest of the group. In a large group situation, you want to make the questioner as comfortable as possible while you keep the pace for the rest of the group. If you are working with a person one-on-one and you feel they have the brains to capture exactly what you’re saying, but for some reason they don’t understand you, stop and ask the person, “How can [...]

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Presentation Skills Tip # 2 – Develop Consistency

Strategic Presentation Skills Here is Presentation Skills Tip number two in our strategic manage your message series: You develop consistency by ensuring that you are clear on what you are speaking about and why it is important to your audience. Once you have this clarity, you will find that your own character and integrity will shine through. This constancy in character, integrity, and body language is what will give all of your presentations the consistency you desire. So how can you develop consistency in presentations to include an entire sales or management team? It actually follows the exact [...]

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Leadership Values – When Right Is Wrong

My daughter and I love watching Charmed- the television show about the three witches. In one episode Phoebe is about to be put to death for killing someone who it turned out was not a good man and her sisters are frantically trying to free her. Phoebe accepted she had to die and said to her sisters, "The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing." As I look at that line it reminds me how much as a leader you need to make sure that the leadership values you stand for are crystal clear to [...]

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Executive Presence – Can You Turn People’s Mind?

One of the real skills of someone with strong Executive Presence is the ability to get people to see a situation from a completely new angle so they are able to change their mind and save face. Executive Presence Tip - one of the great ways to do this is to become aware of how to use duality, quotes and insights that make people stop and think. So imagine that we have to launch a product in a whole new market and there is a ton of pressure on us to succeed. We know the new market is untested and [...]

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How To Declutter Your Mind

  Spring is coming. What mental clutter do you need to clean out? Watch as Anne shares a presentation skills tip on what generates mental clutter and how to clean it out.     Spring Clean Your Mental Clutter - Get more yes with less stress... What Mental Clutter do you need to get rid off?  Mental clutter can have your brain repeat negative messages with out you knowing the impact, so it is important to get started today.  You will be amazed at the impact you can have on your team as a leader or sales professional. Includes executive [...]

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Presentation Skills Tips – 3 Ways to Grab Listener’s Attention

Steve Jobs was a master at it.  He built suspense from the first time he emerged with his Mac in a bag to one of the last times we saw him speak about the new iPhone. Most people don't know how to build suspense, capture interest and move the audience.  Whenever you speak you should be compelling enough to move the audience to action. Here are some quick presentation skills tips on what you can do to make your presentation more focused and engaging: 1. Let the audience know right up front what they will get in the time with [...]

What is Happening with High Potential Employees?

Struggling with getting people to take action on what you’re trying to get them to do? Watch Now… as Anne shares a strategic presentation and leadership skills tip with what you need to do in order for people to take action. “I want Anne to share with me..” Get a personalized Video Blog that answers YOUR burning questions! While other companies make generic video blogs, we want to get to the heart of what you, a Valued Outcome Thinking® fan, really wants answered. So each month you will have a chance to send in to us your question so we [...]

In an acquisition how do you preserve the best of both cultures?

Each company creates a distinct culture that "brands" it internally to the employees and if done well, it is the same brand that is shown externally to the clients. Most mergers and acquisitions fail due to the inability to properly align both cultures. So how do you do it assuming the buy has happened and you are in a leadership position to align things. Typically in an acquisition, the acquired company is the one that will need to adapt to the new corporate culture provided you intend to operate them as one. There are times when you acquire another company [...]

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Dealing With Unclear; Changing Workflows

What can you do to manage a constant workflow that changes and it has unclear direction? I love this question because it is one that no matter what your level is in a company you can deal with this effectively. First of all you want to realize that constant changes in workflow and unclear direction usually stem from 1-2 things--1) that there is no clear focused outcome that the company is going after or 2) your leader is not clear on how to reach the corporate outcomes. Let's deal with these one at a time: 1. If the company doesn't [...]

What is Value?

I was reading the newsletter from the Professional Sales Association last week and I saw a formula for value that I wanted to share with you.  It was stated that price is what you pay when you buy,cost is what happens if you do not, value is the difference.  Cost - Price = Value.  Such a simple way to start thinking about what the true value is for a product. Posted by the Impression Management Team.    

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Presentation Skills Tip – Best Timing for Q & As?

If there is a high amount of resistance, it’s better to table questions until the end, but voice what you believe to be the resistant questions in your audience’s mind. For example: “Today we’re here to talk about a new payroll system. Now many of you may be thinking, ‘Why do we even need a new payroll system? Why does management keep complicating things?’ I’m going to share with you why we’re doing a new payroll system, what the benefits are to you, and how we will put it in place. After I’ve shared that I will open up the [...]

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Presentation Skills Tip – Start with the Basics

If you are going to use a podium or lectern, set it to your side. There should be no physical barrier between you and your audience. Mornings are best when presenting a convoluted topic. Afternoons are harder for comprehension and evenings are the worst. You’re never just presenting to an audience. You’re presenting to who they’re presenting to. If you’re in doubt, throw it out. Emotion makes people act, logic makes people think. A good presentation has both. Learn more about strategic communication today.  

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Leadership Skills – What Do Your Priorities Say About You?

Write down what your number 1 priority is in your life and your number 1 priority at work. Seriously, take a moment to write it down as it becomes fixed in your brain then. Now look at what you wrote down and reflect on what you do on a day to day basis. Are you living your priorities? LeAnn Thieman said, "Your priorities aren't what you state them to be; they're how you're spending your time." Look at your daily and monthly schedules. Are you living your priorities? So I took time to take stock on what I say my [...]

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