Want Tough Feedback Received Well?

The reason most people hate tough feedback is they feel demolished by it. It is like they visualize you sitting in a room and judging them as inadequate. So, the usual “sandwich” approach doesn’t work. The recipient is skeptical and doubts what you said. Instead of focusing on what you need to say, focus your energy on how great this person is or could be once this small hurdle is overcome. Let them see your belief and faith in them being able to make changes. Ok, I know you may be thinking, “well that won’t work with Fred because he [...]

Why I Hate The Phrase, “Hopefully That Won’t Happen.”

Unbeknownst to the speaker of that phrase, what you have really said to your brain is, “I don’t want to know if that happens because I don’t know what I can do about it.” You instead want to get your entire team thinking, “If that does happen, I know we can handle it.” Once the brain believes it can handle what is coming it's way, it will then create the strength, resilience, creativity, or drive you need to take care of that problem. This is why you hear stories about people doing amazing feats when in danger. So next time [...]

Would You Like To Make 2021 More Predictable?

What if I told you, you could really make 2021 your luckiest year ever? I know it seems hokey, doesn’t it? But luck is created, it is not the random change you think. Just check out the book The Luck Factor. I know I completed the book and then decided to change my luck in regards to parking spaces. I had traditionally never gotten great parking spots and I was tired of parking far, far away. So, I changed my luck to say I always get front row spots and… you know what? I do! See, luck comes from how [...]

Do You Know Why You Do What You Do?

I know it sounds silly. I mean, we ought to know exactly why we do what we do, however, I find that most people don’t know the underlying belief that is driving them to behave and think the way they do. For example-we have worked with... A VP that was about to get fired after 25 years on the job. His blocker? He was the same age (turning 50) that his Dad had been when his Dad lost his executive job. His brain held on to that fear that he could lose his job at age 50. An executive that [...]

Want To Jumpstart Next Year?

30 years ago my husband and I started writing a yearly Christmas letter to each other that was filled with our memories from that year, our successes we are proud of, and our commitments of what we will accomplish the next year. Then, we buy a nice bottle of champagne, light a candle, and read this year's letter. Then, we read all of the past year's letters as well. It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. We fall in love all over that night seeing what we have done and accomplished together. Here is the interesting note- we [...]

If You Want Long Term Change, What Must You Do?

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution only to break it within 30 days? Have you ever so desperately wanted a goal but find it keeps alluding you? See, affirmations and goals are not enough to make a change. Nor does will power play into making lasting change. Lasting change comes from changing the internal picture your brain has of YOU. Once that aligns with the goal, THEN affirmations help manifest it. I find that often leaders are unaware of the mental pictures they have of themselves that manufacture their responses to situations. Once we are able to dig [...]

I Love Christmas. I Feel Like The Spirit Of Love And Giving Is In So Many People’s Faces And Eyes.

This holiday season, more than any other, we need to all come together and spread goodwill. So, visualize what you and your family can do to spread love. We started two traditions 5 years ago that has become my favorite- We do random acts of kindness. I give each family member money on Thanksgiving. They are to do good deeds for strangers and then text us all with what they did. Each act brings a smile. Any unused money gets piled together and we go out to breakfast somewhere and randomly pick up checks until the money is all gone. [...]

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Why Would Someone Who Has Been A Leader For Many Years Ever Need Coaching Or Leadership Classes?

It seems logical that someone that has been a leader for many years and moves up to the next level should be just fine without coaching, right? But here is what I see happen. Companies come to us saying things like “Amanda was our rockstar. Now we just promoted her again and she is floundering. We don’t want to lose her but we can’t have her not perform. Can you help?” Yes! See, every level of leadership has new devils you need to conquer. To do that it requires you to make a new mental picture of yourself. Without that, [...]

Challenge- Can You Make Change Happen Without You Doing Anything Different Other Than Thinking?

Surprisingly change can happen much easier than you think. I find too many leaders make change a very difficult process due to how they tackle it. Change is easiest done when it is magnetically happening rather than you manually pushing it. So this is the part that sounds woo-woo but works like a charm. For the next few weeks pick something you want to change. It can anything from the way you eat, it can be your relationship with a certain person or the way your work to name a few options. Then, I want you to just write out [...]

Feeling Hurried, Harried, or Frustrated?

This usually comes because your brain is believing you should be able to work on multiple things at once. The reality is your brain is like an hourglass. It is designed to work on one thing at a time just like an hourglass only lets one piece of the sand pass at a time. So take a breath, let it out. Then, approach your tasks one at a time and ONLY focus on that one task. I recommend you stop your email from pinging or constantly loading. Mine is manually loaded and I grab it at certain times of the [...]

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Did You Know That 95 Percent Of A Person’s Behavior, Feeling, And Responses Are Habitual?

So what does this mean? It means that if you want to change a person’s actions, attitude, or spoken and written responses, you have to get to the “habit” (automatic response and action that person’s brain has created as a habit) in order to get lasting change. This is why a meeting where you “tell” someone what they did wrong rarely results in long term change. You have to get to the root level of the habit and belief in order for them to make sustained change. The ability to do this is what sets our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Leader [...]

I Love The Saying That “You Are Always Free To Make A Choice, You Are Just Not Free From The Consequence Of That Choice.”

Take a moment to reflect on the results from this last year that you have NOT liked. Then look at what you can change in your thinking & behavior so those never situations don’t happen again. Our choices lead us on a path and we have to own that path we are on. If you don’t like it, change it. The future is yours to create. How? Talk To Us...

Not Liking How You React In Certain Situations?

If you aren’t liking how you react in certain situations, there is a way to change that. You see your brain stores your values and beliefs in its hippocampus. These values and beliefs come from events in your life that your brain now holds as the golden rule of how to react and respond if something similar happens again. The bad thing? This means that you are responding in the present based, not on what is happening in the present, but on how you view it through your past experience lens. To break that pattern you want to figure out [...]

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Want To Think Like An Executive?

In developing my book, “Maverick versus Backyard Leaders”, I interviewed great CEO’s from all different size organizations. I found they had several things in common. One thing they all had in common is, at a young age, they started playing “what if..” So, they would future think through how they would handle situations if or when they came up. Once they landed on a path they thought would work, they just let it go. Then, when or if that type of event happened, they followed the path they already had planned out automatically. They continue using this methodology as a [...]

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I Love Christmas. I Mean Truly Love It. I Decorate Early- Don’t Come Over For Thanksgiving As You Will Eat With A Christmas Tree And Decorations Up!

I start playing Christmas music in November. I know it can be obnoxious starting early like that but are any of you with me? So, I started thinking about why I love Christmas so much and I realize this quote is part of the reason.  I love how connected I feel, how innovative and creative, and how many insights I gain during this time of the year. Why would that be?  Well, I think it is because in my brain I equate this time of the year with goodwill and magic.  I literally expect myself to be more magical and the coolest [...]

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Would You Like To Stop The “Jitters” Or Nervousness?

Jitters and nervousness come from your brain worrying about something in the future—which could even be the immediate future. In order to calm the brain, you have to bring it back to the present where it can actually do something to impact change. In Psycho-Cybernetics, Maltz says to think about what is here and now that you can do something about. So, if you are worried about an upcoming meeting, stop stressing about the outcome and instead focus on leveling your breathing, and doing whatever you need to IN THE MOMENT to feel prepared and confident. This will relieve the [...]

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Knowledge Is Not Your Power.

Knowledge is an asset but not the cornerstone of leadership. Matter-of-fact, for some leaders I find knowledge is their Achilles Heel. They know so much that their team just becomes dependent on the leader to have the answers. When this happens you can’t build a High-Performance Strategic Team. Your power is your ability to draw the best out of others. When you can take a team and make each individual play at 100% that is when your team starts rocking. Outcome Thinking® helps leaders speed that process up by helping you understand what each person on your team’s brain tries [...]

Challenges Are Not Put Before You To Test You, But Rather To Stretch You.

One of the hardest things for leaders to understand is that your knowledge is not the backbone of your leadership strength. It is your ability to meet new challenges positively head-on and goes trust you will learn and grow with them that is your leadership strength. I find leaders typically believe they have arrived when they hit a certain level. The truth is that each new leadership level requires you to create a new mental picture of who you will be in that role and then build the pathways to do it. Stretch yourself and never ever rest on your [...]

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What Is The Number One Thing You Should Do The Day After Thanksgiving?

A day of rest is something I find most leaders neglect to do. Matter-of-fact, in my own company we have all been working hard to bring all of our Outcome Thinking® Programs online for customers so they can effortlessly train their teams all over the world. I was recently trying to make one more change and I talked with my Advisory Board. Do you know what their advice to me was? “Take a day off. You are far more creative the more time you take breaks from work.” And you know what? They are right. My most innovative ideas and [...]

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What Means More Than Cash To An Employee..

When we typically think of rewarding an employee we go to a bonus or cash offer.  Although those are great they are not the motivator you think.  Matter-of-fact, on a recent listing of makes an employee, feel rewarded money came in at number 9. So, what motivates them- a personal heartfelt acknowledgment of the value they bring to the company. So, this holiday season go the extra mile and do one of the following for your leaders- 1. A card that fits their personality and a personal message of one thing they have specifically done that you really value 2. [...]

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