High Performance Companies are 6x More Likely to have Fit Cultures

What would your company look like if you had a 6x greater revenue?  Can culture really impact it so much?  The answer is yes. In our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program we spend a good amount of time with clients on the values they want people to operate under INCLUDING the C Suite.  We do that because values are what drive behavior which drives your culture.  When you read this article, rank how your company is on any of the 14 toxic behaviors. It is easy to see how some like disrespectful, bureaucratic and non-inclusive would kill a company but [...]

Vague Phrases

Vague Phrases and How They Kill Performance?  Vague Phrases leaders use when coaching that make it hard for people to change - Be more professional.  Be more strategic. Be more on top of things.  If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free exploratory call.

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How to Align Employees with Company Values?

Have you ever felt like your team is all marching in different directions?  That often happens when people don’t know how what they are doing is relevant to the larger organization.  Take time today to read this article to see how you need to align your team so their values, direction, and execution all align.  And check out next Tuesday’s video where I address this and show how incongruence between these three leads to chaos.  Click Here to Know More If you want help unpacking your limiting beliefs, use this link to set up a free [...]

If you want a highly strategic team that executes swiftly, they require two things from you as a leader.

Think of communication coming down in the organization like a people being thrown in the water.  It starts with a small mark but as it ripples out the circle becomes bigger and bigger.  If you are not clear in your communication, that is like throwing a fistful of pebbles in the water.  It doesn’t take long at all for the circles to all of a sudden interrupt each other until you no longer see any individual pattern.  What this leads to is people 1-3 levels down being very confused as to what they are suppose to do, how it [...]

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Five Questions To Help You Determine What Your Clients Truly Value.

What do others value about your company? What sets you apart?  In order to really “brand” your company you need to know what the values are that make others trust you and want to work with you.  Surprisingly it is rarely the “big” thing you market about.  Things like “we have trained over 200,000 leaders” doesn’t mean as much as “over 60% of all leaders we work with are promoted in the first year with us—which means we help build the bench strength you need.”  Here is your take action- check in with clients to see what they truly [...]

If you really want to differentiate in the market, your values as a company are a clear way to do it. But do you know what your clients truly value?

We had a client that had products and services that were similar to others in the market place.  They spent thousands of dollars trying to differentiate from their competition.  But that didn’t drive business in. Once we helped them to find what were the values they had the companies craved we found it came to a few key things-   Any time a client called in, someone returned the call within 2 hours and had the information they needed.  This was due to the internal team culture they created that allowed no prima donnas and required all to feel responsible [...]

To be a Great Leader, How Important Do You Think Knowledge in Your Own Industry is to the Equation?

Knowledge is not the most important ingredient.  Shocker, I know!  Imagine you have two workers.  One has 15 years in the field and is a wealth of knowledge but is difficult and uncooperative to work with.  The other worker has less knowledge but is willing to find the sources of knowledge to get the answers you need and is good at applying critical thinking so she can challenge what she just learned to “test” its validity.  Which do you think you would lean on the most?  The ability to be good at critically thinking through situations and forecasting out [...]

Define Core Values

There is one line in this article that I love.  It is “when one breaks down, the other one inevitably will.”  If you want a strong organizational culture of high accountability, respect, and trust.  You have to have both sides of the equation.  Once one side goes down so does the other.  Have you ever worked in a company with a good culture but there is one department that is always off?  That is typically due to the leader having a bad personal culture.  On the flip side you can have a leader with a great personal culture and [...]

Building a Team Culture

What if you could get a 202 percent increase out of your team?  What could you accomplish? Building a team culture can give you just that.  But how do you do that?  You need to have consistent values, rewards for team behavior, a platform of thinking which helps all be less defensive and more collaborative, a way to challenge that is thoughtful and not personal, and a clear concise communication path.  This article will give you some insights into what to do. If you want the entire path ask about our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program which is one of [...]

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