Developing clear goals and guidelines is something I find many leaders miss on. Although I will tell you they all 100% believe they were clear.

So how do you know if you have been clear?

Test by making sure-

  • Do I have any vague language?
    Things like “soon, end of week, coming up” are all slightly vague as for you “end of week” may mean Friday morning while for someone else it may mean Sunday night.
  • Do I make references to things without explaining?
    Statements like “we will run this like we did the Plexon case” may seem concrete but are still unclear. For example, are you meaning we use the same process? Or the exact same forms? Or we align with the same people? Or are you talking in relation to the terms we gave them and financing?
  • Do I clearing assign who is doing what and give guidelines for barriers or obstacles?
  • A question you can use to make sure you have thought of all barriers is “what, if anything, could stop this from being completed?”

That question is where you find the goldmine of knowledge and doubts people keep in their head but don’t share out loud.

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