The best thing to do is not to fight the negative person, but to find out the rationale behind what they are saying.


So using our Executive Presentation Skills tips  you may ask qualifying questions such as, “Tony, play devil’s advocate and share with me how you would answer the question you just asked.”  Call them on their behavior so they realize that, if they speak up, you will make them accountable and you will expect them to provide solutions.


If at all possible, try to find a positive angle using Presention Skills, to what they have said and launch your next statement on it.


You might say, “Tony, you brought up a great point. Many people assume that a lower price point must mean lower quality. If you are continually running into this, you want to make sure you are adequately sharing with the customer why the cost is lower and the quality is fabulous. So let’s open up the discussion to what some of the points are about quality.” Then get the group talking about some of the unique features you offer that represent high quality and how these can be discussed with the customer in order to offset the mentality that lower cost is lower quality.


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