If you look at the TV Guide you will see a ton of shows that are some form of  “reality show.”  It started with Survivor and now we have everything from Dancing with the Stars to Fear Factor to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  It amazes how many shows are of this type.

What television shows do is they follow a pattern and they get in a rut.  They see one reality show works so they all try to adopt that.  They see that one medical show works so suddenly you have 40 medical shows.

This rut then leads to the audience becoming desensitized to that format and they scramble to come up with a new format.

To break out of your own rut, take a moment and just flip through a TV Guide and see what shows stand out as completely different.  Watch a few to see what makes them different and what risks did they take in making that new format?

Now look at you, what risks can you take to change your thinking rut?  Do you need to switch your office? Change your meeting times? change how people present at meetings?  Change where you go for lunch?

In my office I will often flip from looking out a window to standing or to using the couch.  I find each venue change impacts my thinking.  I am even known to go to the library when developing a new program so I have a new “format” for my brain.

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