Today is a gorgeous day with sunshine, a beautiful fall display of leaves that cascade in vibrant colors and land on a bed of green.  It is a day that just makes you smile.

Have you ever wondered what kind of weather you bring when you walk in the room?

Winter- you blow in to a room bringing a cold distant chill with you.  Your eyes cut like ice as you stare at people  so they feel they are like a tree stripped of all its leaves.  People are intimidated by your presence.

Fall- you are vibrant and bright on some days and chilly on others.  You can bring cold wrapped in warmth when the sun shines down on you.  But you have cloudy days where it seems the chill is about to set in.

Spring- you are the one who is bringing out the hope.  The person looking for the optimistic way to go.  There is always a bud about to bloom when you are in the room.  You bring sunshine but you also bring rain at times which can be confusing for people when they planned on the sunshine.

Summer- you are the one who wants people to relax and have fun.  You have an energy that can often surpass all others in the room.  You can sometimes exhaust others.  But you bring a spontaneity and life to the room when you enter.

All seasons have their time and place.  If you are too much of one style you can distance others or exhaust others.  Make sure you know what energy and disposition you are bringing when you enter a room as you can either make the conversation go to a very deep and gutsy level or you can shut every person up with your response.

Be the one that opens the room and brings all the collaboration and innovation to live.

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