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Ways To Get Your Audience to Take Action

You are never just presenting information, You want your audience to take some sort of action based on the information. What action do you want them to do or change? If you ask your audience for an action, have them write it down. It will be remembered 40% more often and it will raise accountability. People [...]

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How to Motivate Others as a Leader

This one is a tough one since we can’t actually motivate a person to do something.  Motivation has to come from within.  But we can spark people and push them in the right direction. How do you ask for things?  Are you vague?  Do you make assumptions? Do you use “we” too often?  "We" is good [...]

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Manage Perceptions in the Workplace

60 seconds is not a long time.  Yet that is all it takes for a customer to gain a quick perception of you. If we know it only takes that amount of time, why don’t we manage that time better?  What can you do to make the most impact possible in the shortest amount of time?  [...]

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Understanding Body Language Signs

Hand on Cheek show evaluation and genuine interest. Chin Stroking is the person making a decision. Don’t interrupt! Seated Readiness shows excitement and agreement. Head Tilt shows interest. The one telltale sign that a person can never control is Dilated Pupils. When you are interested in something your pupils will dilate up to four times their [...]

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Four Key Principles of Negotiation

Negotiating does not have to be a sweat session.  Matter of fact, if you use these key principles, negotiating becomes a fun event.  The four key things are: your attitude going in to the negotiation  your focus on an outcome instead of the process your ability to read the other person’s thoughts through their body language [...]

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Interviewing: Examples of Nervous Habits

Examples of nervous habits seen when interviewing include: “Deer in the headlights” look when a question catches you by surprise Widening of eyes when trying to put emphasis on things being said Thumping of foot or knee Fidgeting with a pen, your fingers, hair, mustache or beard Fidgeting with clothing, watch or rings Excessive swallowing Licking [...]

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Telling your Audience How to Interact with You

Those first eight minutes when you establish rapport with your audience is the time when you need to tell them how to interact with you with questions. If you do not want interruptions during your talk, you should say something like, "For the next 45 minutes I will be sharing with you how to take Six [...]

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