I love the phrase “Gateway Sins.”  It comes from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, as she tries to explain why the seven deadly sins don’t seem so deadly.  Her realization is “they’re deadly sins not because of their gravity but because of their power to generate other, worse sins.  They’re the gateway sins to the big sins.” (In case you are wondering the seven deadly sins are…oops wait I will tel you at the end)

Gateway Sins are ones I see companies commit that lead to far bigger problems.  For example, if you want people to take accountability for their growth you have to hold them accountable for that growth.  Let’s take training as an example.  As a leader you have to make sure the person attending training understands the importance, not only of attending training, but APPLYING what they learn to work.  Have them come back and educate you on what they learned, what they will do different and how you will see it in their work.

Another gateway sin I see is a line between the Senior Leadership Team and all below.  This line happens because fights, turf wars, and blaming are all allowed to happen between SLT members.  If they don’t have to “play” nice, why should their teams have to play nice.  It takes a strong CEO to not allow turf wars.

What are some of your gateway sins?  what do you allow to happen because it takes more work to stop it then allow it?

Take today to be more effective at stopping your teams Gateway Sins and drive to the results you want.

Oh, yea, the seven deadly sins are anger, pride, greed, gluttony, lust, sloth and envy.  Did you remember them all?

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