If I asked you to think about who you would absolutely trust, most likely what comes to mind is key people you know have your best interests at heart.  They don’t push you in to something they don’t believe is good for you, and if it is something they think you should do but aren’t ready for, they qualify it for you and share why they think you ought to do it.

So why don’t we do it in sales?  Why do people continually believe that if they share the good of what they do, people will want to buy from them?

I am just sitting here watching some client videos on sales calls and I am amazed how the focus of all these bright intelligent sales people is the desire to have all the answers and to continually beat the drum on “here is why we are the best.”

But ironically what ends up happening in all these calls I am reviewing is that sales person comes off as more cocky, insincere, and not really sharing the truthful information.  Now, I can tell you all of these sales people are ethical, honest and great people.  So there is no intention to pull the wool over the eyes of the person they are talking with but they are all hindered by…

The desire to grab the sale by the throat and not let go.

You want to always remember that your client has choices.  The trust builds when they realize they can candidly and openly review with you the pros and cons of your product versus others.  It comes when they know you have truly listened to what they want to achieve, clarified what they were saying and, only then, answering their question.

Trust is built when you know the other person is MORE vested in you then in GETTING their way.  Never lose that thought with your customer!

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