This question and answer style book includes valuable How To’s for the sales professional

How do you develop a follow-up plan that confirms that a session accomplished what it was supposed to?

In a meeting with a sales prospect, you want to close by recapping what was agreed on, what the next steps are, and how you will follow up. Most sales people miss the opportunity to find out from the client how they want you to follow up with them. Some prefer phone calls and some prefer e-mails. If you find out in the meeting exactly how to follow up with them, and agree on when, then you are not pestering the client.

Make sure you have included all the decision makers if you set another meeting! Notice how we went from a mild follow up of, “Sure, I’ll send you information,” to a closing situation where you get in front of the decision-makers. The worst thing you can ever do is to merely send a proposal and hope and pray that they buy from you.