I was watching this video about this special cheese from Poland.

The cheese itself is beautiful with this lovely stamped design on it. It has been made in the mountains of Poland since the 15th century.

It is amazing to watch the intricate pattern they make in this cheese. It is all done by hand and only made May to October.

Here is my point— this cheese has a special process that can’t be rushed. It must be made by hand. It has scarcity.

I had never heard of it until I saw the video on it. Now I am guessing demand will go up and if so, people will have to choose- do we try to mass market? Or do we keep on the scarcity route and get people to crave to visit?

Each path has a different outcome. One path could potentially ruin the flavor and taste of the cheese- all that makes it special.

My question to you- do you and your team know what makes yours special? Can you articulate that well? Can you share clearly why you do things the way you do so others crave your process and are patient or do they treat you like any other cheese in the market?

Want help with how to message so others see your specialty? Just give us a call to explore how to do that.