We all want to be that leader that inspires, motivates and gets people to give their all.  Unfortunately, even if you are that type of leader, there are times when you are working under a boss that is not easy to work with.

Here are some of the top Nightmare Bosses according to BestLifeOnline.com:

  • Steve Jobs- He has been known to ask unconventional questions of job applicants such as, “How old were you when you lost your virginity?”
  • Bobby Knight- He was known for his chair launching escapades as well as for choking a player.
  • Naomi Campbell- She has been known to launch her jeweled cell phone at a housekeeper’s head when a pair of jeans went missing.  The housekeeper sustained a laceration from the phone.
  • Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada-The woman who couldn’t even take the time to learn her assistants names because, after all, did it really matter?

Okay, not your ideal bosses.  Matter-of-fact, you may be saying, “Well I guess my boss is not so bad.”  The reality is we all deserve to work in an atmosphere that inspires trust rather than one that inspires fear.

So how do you create a good atmosphere for you and your team if you work under a difficult boss?

First, look at what your boss is trying to protect.  I find that most difficult bosses actually OPERATE out of fear themselves, thus they project this fear on to their team.  Try to figure out what they are afraid of and how you can help them look good.  I find that most difficult bosses often feel people “don’t get them.” Once you realize that they are operating more out of fear you can put their craziness into perspective rather than be consumed by it.

Second, start working under “ask forgiveness, rather than ask permission” model.  When you work under “ask permission” you will give too much control and authority over to a difficult boss.  Suddenly they can give you information at the last minute and make you dance to their tune.  Instead focus on what you need to do to excel and add value to them.  Be proactive with what you can so you aren’t dancing to their tune in the middle of the night.

Follow these two simple things and you can begin to regain some control in an out of control world with a dysfunctional boss.

About Anne Warfield

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