Do you have an employee you have spent a lot of time coaching on how to change only to have them continue the wrong behavior?

Wish they would “get it?”

You are not alone. I can’t tell you how many executives we work with that the company has said “this is a great person BUT if they don’t fix this one thing, we can’t promote them. They have reached their peak.”

Whether it be micro-managing, not presenting clearly to the C Suite, being negative, not being a team player, or actively defying direction, I find they all stem back to one thing.

That one thing is, what is their brain trying to protect?

People always act in accordance with their beliefs and there are multiple brain styles and things they try to protect.

To actively have someone make a lasting change you have to uncover two things:

1. What is their brain trying to protect?

2. How can you either help them let this go or find relief for it another way?

Once you uncover what they are trying to protect, you can then show them a better path to take.

There is a reason executives tell us “we have never seen so much change so fast and so lasting from any other program.” It is because we go to the core and change how you think, speak, and execute from the inside out.

And if you want to change faster, call us because we can help make that happen.

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