It seems logical that someone that has been a leader for many years and moves up to the next level should be just fine without coaching, right?

But here is what I see happen. Companies come to us saying things like “Amanda was our rockstar. Now we just promoted her again and she is floundering. We don’t want to lose her but we can’t have her not perform. Can you help?”


See, every level of leadership has new devils you need to conquer. To do that it requires you to make a new mental picture of yourself. Without that, your brain tries to resort to doing things as you did them in the past. This doesn’t work because you should be more of the innovator, creator, and problem solver, not the doer.

Take a moment to write out the next position you want and what would you need to learn and know in order to shift your thinking to BE at that level. Want help? We are just a short call away!