The reason this happens is that your brain has learned a “response pattern” to an event. Then, any time an “event” happens that is similar to it, your brain will automatically generate the chemical reaction in your body.

So, in order to stop the red from showing up, you actually need to figure out what “event” your brain has stored and rework it. That is what we do with leaders and we find that even in one day the red flush begins to stop and only goes to the chest level! They are amazed. Then, once they have locked into all the concepts in our No Sweat Tough Talks Program they find they can eliminate the flush all together.

Here is one thing though that you can start doing to help your brain shift off that pattern of generating the flush. Take the focus off of you and instead focus only on the audience and connecting with them. You are not what is relevant, it is the audience that is relevant. This will keep your brain from “worrying” about what you have to say and how you look saying it.

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