How we lead is actually ingrained in us much earlier than most people think. The values, the principles, and the style of you as a leader emerges at a relatively young age and then grows through time.

For me, it was my Mother.  She taught me at a young age that for me, it was my mother.  She taught me at a young age that wisdom doesn’t come with age; it comes from our willingness to learn from mistakes and adjust.  She would often tell me, “you can be the youngest in the room and still be the wisest.  But with wisdom comes great accountability.  It means you must be the one to help others and be inclusive.”  So even as a young child, I would make sure everyone had a partner for a game.  I made sure that I would pick the child others wouldn’t so they would not feel left out or I would encourage people when they got discouraged. 

The whole idea that with leadership and wisdom comes the accountability to teach and reach across the lines has always stuck with me… Well just look at the profession I chose!

Who influenced you and what is one lesson that has really stuck with you?

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