Have you ever wondered when you know you are successful?  And why can you feel successful one day and then the next feel unsuccessful?

Success is one of those elusive terms that is so hard to pin down because it means something different to each person.  For a person making $70,000 a year in sales, jumping to $300,000 in sales is successful.  While for someone making a million in sales, bringing in only $300,000 is unsuccessful.

Success is something personal that each person needs to define for themselves.  Ironically your success if often evaluated by you based on what is most important in your life at that moment.  So let’s say you value work really highly and you drive yourself to become the CEO of a major corporation.  You would feel very successful.  But the next day you find out your wife is leaving you and you realize you should have valued family higher- now you probably feel unsuccessful.

So why am I even writing about this?  Because I want you to realize that success is a journey, not a destination.  THE SUCCESS is HOW you take that journey not just the results of the journey.  I find much more success in figuring out my flaws then in just wrapping myself in my results.  Finding the flaws, owning them and then trying to fix them is a much harder journey but one that usually brings me to a much better spot.  I just have to trust in the journey.

Each day define your success for that day.  Realize it is a moving target but it is definitely in your reach.  Reach high, don’t be afraid to fail and continue to challenge yourself to grow.

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