Ugh, what a miserable feeling! And in front of the entire class.

So, what did I ask that caused my 6th-grade teacher to tell me I “asked a stupid question so sit down and shut up, Anne”?

The question I asked is “Where do Monarch butterflies go in the winter?”

Imagine you are me. I am sitting at my desk and it just doesn’t seem logical that a caterpillar does all that work to become a butterfly and then dies in just a few weeks? I mean, how do they reproduce that fast?

So, I thought I was asking a logical question.

I must admit I argued my point and then just resigned and sat down.

The next year National Geographic magazine came out with an article on how Monarch butterflies migrate to Spain and live longer than we thought.

Yes, I was tempted to send her a copy but I didn’t.

My point- listen to your gut. You may be right even though you aren’t the most experienced person in the room.

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