When leaders are aligned and they understand how their team’s part fits into the bigger picture, that is when the magic starts happening. It is a core part of our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program.

Which set of leaders do you want? True story…

For 18 months in a small town, the entire internet went down for the entire village every day at 7 am for one hour.

First, a set of leaders did the costly solution of replacing all the cables.

Result? It still went down every day at the same time.

Second, a set of leaders asked, “what electrical noise wave could interfere with the internet?” and they used an instrument to find where the interference “electrical noise wave” came from daily.

What they found was one villager used an old tv at 7 am to watch their favorite show. That one TV wave blocked the internet.

Solution? A simple inexpensive tv replacement.

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