When we typically think of rewarding an employee we go to a bonus or cash offer.  Although those are great they are not the motivator you think.  Matter-of-fact, on a recent listing of makes an employee, feel rewarded money came in at number 9.

So, what motivates them- a personal heartfelt acknowledgment of the value they bring to the company.

So, this holiday season go the extra mile and do one of the following for your leaders-

1. A card that fits their personality and a personal message of one thing they have specifically done that you really value
2. A letter that shares the different ways they have impacted the company and you
3. A present that is lasting and personal to them.  For our Outcome Thinking® Experts, I give an Italian leather rolling briefcase.  They love it and bring it everywhere with them.  Each time they use it builds strong mental bonds to the company and the value they bring to it.
4. A gift that can be shared- it could be a pizza coupon for their family, Door dash delivery, the music they love.  Something personal to them. 

Make this season truly a season of Thanks Giving!!

Looking for a fun team gift?  Give the gift of Strategic Team Communication.  If you have a team of 10 or more we will do a personal Q & A for them as well!