In developing my book, “Maverick versus Backyard Leaders”, I interviewed great CEO’s from all different size organizations. I found they had several things in common.

One thing they all had in common is, at a young age, they started playing “what if..”

So, they would future think through how they would handle situations if or when they came up. Once they landed on a path they thought would work, they just let it go.

Then, when or if that type of event happened, they followed the path they already had planned out automatically.

They continue using this methodology as a CEO in their company looking at challenges. See the brain builds its reaction muscle by looking at past patterns for you. So, if you build a mental pattern you want it to follow it will do that.

Start playing the game of “what if..” and figuring out how you would react to things prior to them ever happening. Once you like the path you laid out, just let it go. The next time something happens like your “what if” your brain will automatically put your new path in action and you will respond appropriately.

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