If you want a team to be more independent with making decisions and to increase the speed of execution, you need to give them flexible guideposts they can use that help them do that.

I often find leaders confuse sharing a path with sharing a vision. The path usually has more concrete “how” steps to it while the vision has the “why and what.

Telling me that we are going to be the Lamborghini of the gift industry would right away tell me that we will be high luxury items that not everyone can afford. I would automatically know that I don’t want to bring the average gift to be in our gift line. I wouldn’t even have to ask you.

Saying we will be the Star Trek of the tech business would tell me you want me to be futuristic and looking to do the unusual with our technology. I know I would have to be looking at the latest and greatest we could put in place while still maintaining stability— after all, you can’t just “beam up” someone halfway!

Make sure when you share vision it is easy for your team to grasp, understand, and allows them to execute. It is like a testing rod for decisions.

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