This next series will help you with how to remove blockers that stop your team from being strategic.

Gossip, Blame…

When you see these happening on your team it means your team is declining in respect and trust of one another. As a leader, this is the time you need to step in.

Step 1. Determine what is causing the gossip/blame. It could be fear, frustration, a negative person on the team that others feel is “getting by” with things, or it can be that the team feels you play favorites or that you can have a person “bend your ear” to get their way.

Step 2. Once you have determined what is causing the problem be 100% committed to stopping it. To do that you must not allow people to “bend your ear” or be silent when you hear gossip. We use a 4 step process with leaders to uncover the root of the problem and then institute a new way of behavior going forward.

Once people know you are serious about stopping it, they will follow your lead.