Many people don’t realize how important transitions are when speaking. They are what makes good conversation flow and what make many speakers seem eloquent.

Plan your transitions and vary them so you don’t put an audience to sleep or in to a pattern by always using the same transitions.

Here are some verbal transitions:

  1. Key words or phrases- always, next, continuing, this leads us to, this brings us to, in addition, furthermore.
  2. Intriguing questions- So why should we do this? So where does this lead us?
  3. By number system- Our first point, Our second point; first we will look at, number one, number two;
  4. Involving questions- Have any of you? When is the last time? Do you…?

Transitions are something I find most speakers NEVER think about. They imagine that once they are in front of the crowd their mind will just magically think of the right thing to say.

Find a selection of transitions that work for you. They are what anchors what you have said, ties your thoughts together, and are a critical part of your audience’s road map to your presentation.