“I don’t understand why my Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is not collaborating. I am finding they are grabbing for the spotlight, withholding information from each other, and just working in a secretive way.  I have tried everything, can you help us?”

In our analysis of what was wrong, we quickly uncovered the problem. The problem? The CEO was having an affair with his administrative assistant and the entire ELT knew it.

When I told the CEO this was the problem he didn’t understand how that could even be the issue.  So why is it an issue?

Values are modeled, not taught.  In this case, since he was the CEO his personal values become part of the corporate values. Having an affair implies it is okay to cheat on the one you love as long as they don’t find out.  That implies in the corporation that “if you can get away with it, it is okay to do.”  And that is exactly the motto his ELT was following.

So to correct it, the CEO had to come clean. He did it in a meeting with the ELT, our team, and… his wife.  He wanted them to know he owned up to his mistake and would never do it again.  This allowed us to do an exercise to have all agree to get rid of poor behaviors and shift to ones that uphold the values they want. What happened after that day was amazing.  Through the Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program, they learned how to create the values they want to follow, get rid of vague words, rebuild trust, and hold people accountable.

The values you live as a leader do impact your team and their behavior.  If you see something happening on your team you don’t like, look in the mirror and ask what could you be doing that is allowing that to happen.  Do you have people getting by with things because you are uncomfortable approaching them or you are fearful of angering them?  Do you have people that exhaust you so you ignore them which tells others that what that person is doing is legit to you?

If you want a high-trust, highly accountable team, it all starts with you.  If you need help call us to see what we can do to help you turn it around.

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