Here is a great blog post written by Dianna Booher that I read recently and wanted to share with all of you.

We hear and remember positive wording better than negative wording–particularly instructions. When you read a sign that says, “DO NOT DUMP TRASH HERE,” you have to switch tracks. “Hmmm. I can’t dump trash here. Then where? Oh, I can dump trash over there.” However, if the sign reads, “DUMP TRASH IN THE BIN NEAR THE BACK DOOR,” you can avoid the switching technique.

Not: “I don’t know whether I should make that purchase.”

But: “I question the wisdom of that purchase.”

Not: “I can’t have this ready until Friday.”

But: “I can have this ready for you on Friday.”

Not: “They can’t correct that problem until they redesign the motor.”

But: “When they redesign the motor, they’re going to correct that problem.”

Not: “Our managers don’t communicate with one another.”

But: “Our managers need to find ways to communicate across departmental lines.”

Not: “We’ll have to go into debt.”

But: “We can issue bonds.”

The positive message or instruction sinks in easier and faster.

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