Have you ever gotten a gift from someone that doesn’t fit who you are? You may have found you were more irritated to receive something that was so unlike you than it would have been to receive nothing at all. Why? Isn’t a present a present?

Not if it actually blocks the relationship or is one more reminder of how little you really notice about the other person. You want to make sure that whatever you give fits that person, makes them feel more connected to you and demonstrates that you truly have noticed their own tastes and uniqueness. But surprisingly what most of us do is give people gifts that WE would want to receive.

I see this all the time with presentations. I see people presenting their information in a way they think is neat and exciting. Questions from audience are often treated as irritating interruptions and I see audiences shut down time and again.

Your presentation should be a PRESENT to your audience and involve their PRESENCE. You shouldn’t talk AT your audience but rather WITH them.

If your time is focused on delivering a PRESENT to your listener that they will want to hold, listen to, and play with then you are on the right track. Relook at your presentation and see it from the recipient’s side. Will they want it? If not, how can you modify it so they do want it? Does it add value to the recipient? Does it invite them in?

Challenge yourself to review your next presentation and make sure it is truly a PRESENT the audience will value.



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