Knowledge is not the most important ingredient.  Shocker, I know! 

Imagine you have two workers.  One has 15 years in the field and is a wealth of knowledge but is difficult and uncooperative to work with.  The other worker has less knowledge but is willing to find the sources of knowledge to get the answers you need and is good at applying critical thinking so she can challenge what she just learned to “test” its validity.  Which do you think you would lean on the most? 

The ability to be good at critically thinking through situations and forecasting out is by far a more important trait.  One of the compliments our experts get is “did you work in our field before?”  The answer is no. But when you are able to use critical thinking, stay curious, and then apply Outcome Thinking® to any situation, it often appears as though you are highly knowledgeable.  The truth is you become really good at vetting out the knowledge in the room and then intuitively being able to test the validity of what has been shared. 

We once had a nurse come to us and she wanted to move into pharmaceutical sales but she had zero sales experience.  We taught her how to speak about her present skills as a nurse and how they align with the ability to speak to doctors, patients, grasp the complex, and lead people to a solution.  

She didn’t walk out with the pharmaceutical sales job…. She got the management position!  They were so wowed by her ability to strategically align what she did and learned as a nurse to what was required as a pharmaceutical salesperson that they brought her on to lead the team.   

Don’t rely on your past knowledge, instead start honing your critical thinking skills.  One great way is to sign up for our Daily Motivation.  It is a way to trigger your brain to see the world differently. That is the starting path to becoming more open to critical thinking.

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