This one always hits me in the gut as I think back on times I didn’t take the chance.  Those are the times I regret.  

I remember one time asking 5 different boys to a junior high dance.  Well, they were all taken or waiting for someone else to ask them. 

I remember being bummed with the first two.  Then after that, I thought, “why not?”  So, if a friend wanted to ask a guy, I would ask the guy who was hanging with that guy. 

To this day, I never wonder if one of them would have gone to the dance to me, because the answer is NO!  I remember going to my five-year reunion and each guy stopped me to say “I regret not going with you.”  That was nice to hear but it didn’t change anything and that is a good thing.  Because their no never defined who I was in any way. 

What risk do you which you had taken or you did take, that set you free?

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