Why do some speakers vibrate so well with their audience and others seem to just miss the mark? Is it the content of their speech-the ability to wow us with intellect? Is it their high energy and drive? Is it their controversial nature?

Why can two speakers get up and say the same thing but one you embrace and the other you reject? I have watched this phenomenon at corporations as they run their meetings. There are people who hold the floor and people take what they say as the gospel truth and others that no matter how great their ideas are people trounce right over what they say.

So what is it that compels us to listen or not listen to a speaker? Here is a key thing to ponder-if you have great information but people don’t want to listen to you, you can’t have an impact. You must first get people to WANT to listen to you.

There are three traits I see that draw people to you and allow them to let down their barriers so they take in what you say and truly ponder it or take action on it.

I noticed that when there was this combination of all three traits the speaker was able to 1) share more controversial viewpoints without offending the crowd, 2) push us in to uncharted waters without us feeling overwhelmed and 3) share complicated information without us feeling they were being arrogant or condescending.


I watched speakers present that were highly successfully and I watched them tell their success story in a humble and appreciative way. They brought you on the journey with them.

They made you feel that they were no different from you and that you too could accomplish the same success they did. They never talked down to the audience. They weren’t ashamed of their past mistakes. They admitted them, laughed at them, and asked us to learn from them.

They assumed we had success like they did. Even though they presented new ideas or thoughts they didn’t act like they were the most novel things in the world but instead were things we had pondered as well. This allowed the audience to put barriers and resistance aside so they did absorb what was being said. It felt like a choice, not an edict.


Each of the speakers that captivated you had an energy that wasn’t wild and unleashed but instead focused and serene. You knew they were in a spot where they were comfortable with who they are, what they have accomplished, and where they are going.

They didn’t look to have the audience validate their choices by agreeing with them. They didn’t look for us to buy their product because we would be “stupid” not to. No, instead they humbly said here it is, it is so cool, take the ride with me. And you wanted to be on that ride.


They all spoke with authority, not just confidence. You could see that they lived the talk, had integrity and spoke from the heart. This sincerity, integrity and knowledge shined through.

These are about how you need to BE not just what you need to DO. Most presentation courses focus on “what you need to do.” With the Outcome Focus™ Approach we help you focus on how you need to BE in order to make the impact you desire.

Take action to make sure your voice is heard with the clarity and authenticity you desire!

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